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Go Outside? Nah.

I had some fun videos and pictures from last week’s ordeal, but the tiny camera is giving me guff. I might have broked it. Don’t tell Mom. Now that I’m back to freedom I have immediately returned to my regular regimen of video games. I realized I still haven’t gotten the full 100% on FFX-2! That’s gotta be remedied. So of course I spent 4 &1/2 hours this morning glued to the T.V. waiting to get through the “concert” scene. It get all verklempt!

I need to get away from the video games. They may be part of the reason I’m on a gloomy island of solitude. That and no car. For all those lonely gamers out there, I dedicate this summer post to you:

That gif should be usable in all manner of situations. I can see it popping up as you are ushered out of the building where you are being fired. Mayhaps your ex-wife or ex-husband could use a visual exercise. We’ll work on the medium, but I think this could work.

If only life were as consequence-less as in Hyrule.:

Knowing my luck, though, I’d be the hapless villager on the other end of that.


Dracu-Lee-an (That’s Terrible)

I wish a very happy birthday to Christopher Lee today. At 89 the actor has 272 movies (and counting) under his malevolent belt. I think he’s one of the greatest voices and villains on screen. I know a lot of people associate him with either Dracula or Saruman (or Dooku ~ eesh), but I have fond memories of his some other roles. There was King Haggard from The Last Unicorn:

(Via Shannon’s Study)
His small, but pivotal role as The Judge in Sleepy Hollow:

(Via Electric Dragonfly)
And, because I’m lost in the games, DiZ/Ansem the Wise from Kingdom Hearts II:

Looking at his list of movies, I noticed a lot of his earlier years are filled with fantastic horror films that I should eventually get around to watching. I am in a sort of mild-interest-in-horror phase and wouldn’t mind starting with the classics. Besides, I LOVED his cameo in The Magic Christian as “ship’s vampire”:

(A Must. See. Movie.) Also, you are welcome, for anyone who bothered to click on any of those movie links. I feel like I’m looking in someone’s basement and finding old copies of Popular Mechanics.

Dress Up Barbie With Guns

There was no post yesterday because I started playing FF X-2 again. There is no excuse for this. I first started playing several years ago because I’m an insane Final Fantasy X fan. When I played FF X-2 it was because it wrapped up loose ends, let me visit the world again, and – essentially, as my friend Spring put it – play a guilt-free “dress up Barbie” game.

Playing it you realize: no wonder it didn’t take off as well with American Boys, but seemingly it has high popularity with female gamers. There are so many outfits! It’s so pretty! Plus the girls are (kinda) smart and empowered! This is so a girly game, but as mentioned in my previous post (is this turning into sexism week?), I have a bit of an issue with sexy fashion being the draw for excitement. Still, I can’t help but be addicted to the game due to my undying love for the world and the way the game is designed.

It’s the damn percentage system that I both love and hate. You have to do very specific things in order to get 100% to achieve the “perfect ending”. For OCD completionists like myself (the person who attempted to defeat every super-monster and get every ultimate weapon in FFX), this was a nightmare. If you don’t go into a certain cave in Chapter 4 or speak to a midget in Chapter 2, etc. this game will screw you over by .5%. Finally, Spring decided to assuage my frustration and buy me the damn game book (eternal gratitude). So now I have the ability to achieve the 100%. While it does not fill the void in my soul, it distracts me from the emptiness.

The game stars Rikku and Yuna from FFX plus a lesbian named Paine!

Totally not about hot bitches:

Oh Boy Oh Boy

(Source unknown)

Ball of Joy!

Katamari Damacy is the best time wasting game ever! No lie. Apparently there is a Katamari Hack that you can put into your toolbar. What this does is whenever you visit a site you click on the link and it activates funtime Katamari. I just rolled up this entire blog. A spectacular surprise: it began playing the famous music once I started.

Here’s an extra treat:

QWOP it. QWOP it good.

I plan on having an educational week starting tomorrow. I was going to start today, but reading makes my brain hurt. Maybe I’m not ready to go back to school. So while I prep for that (I hear groans – don’t worry, I’ll make it painless), I give you QWOPs today.

Via Know Your Meme (I know. *Again*.) – The explanation of what QWOP is is available on that link, plus some hilarious videos making fun of it. I tried playing for all of 2 minutes before the rage set in.

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