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The Overlord of Eeeevil

I have held in high regard numerous villains throughout my life. One in particular that shaped my young mind was Skeletor. He had the looks, he had the castle, and he had a great sinister laugh, but unfortunately he had incompetent underlings. For the NSPCC I changed my profile picture so my friends could enjoy looking at a truly man’s man, Skeletor. My admiration presses me to dedicate a post on the Internet’s view of him.

I was reminded to do this as I was on vacation when my sister sent me a link to Not Now, Skeletor. This tumblr makes him a part of all our beloved childhood memories:

There was the Skeletor Saves auction charity event (for homeless LGBT youth) that had several provocative images depicted here at HuffPo. This one I had to hunt down on another site:

(Via Obvious Winner)

And I had been meaning to post this as a separate pic, but it seems appropriate to include this here:


Dracu-Lee-an (That’s Terrible)

I wish a very happy birthday to Christopher Lee today. At 89 the actor has 272 movies (and counting) under his malevolent belt. I think he’s one of the greatest voices and villains on screen. I know a lot of people associate him with either Dracula or Saruman (or Dooku ~ eesh), but I have fond memories of his some other roles. There was King Haggard from The Last Unicorn:

(Via Shannon’s Study)
His small, but pivotal role as The Judge in Sleepy Hollow:

(Via Electric Dragonfly)
And, because I’m lost in the games, DiZ/Ansem the Wise from Kingdom Hearts II:

Looking at his list of movies, I noticed a lot of his earlier years are filled with fantastic horror films that I should eventually get around to watching. I am in a sort of mild-interest-in-horror phase and wouldn’t mind starting with the classics. Besides, I LOVED his cameo in The Magic Christian as “ship’s vampire”:

(A Must. See. Movie.) Also, you are welcome, for anyone who bothered to click on any of those movie links. I feel like I’m looking in someone’s basement and finding old copies of Popular Mechanics.

Passive Aggression or a Gift?

This is a Craigslist post from several years that has been kept as a classic. It’s something I enjoy reading every once in awhile to remember that I still haven’t completely lost my sh*t:

who put the dead bird in my mailbox? – w4m

a) how did you get into my mailbox in the first place, it is locked
b) did you kill the bird
c) it died horribly, that much was clear
d) you’re psycho
e) do I know you
f) if I do know you I don’t want to know you
g) if I don’t know you, what did I do to inspire you to put a dead bird in my mailbox
h) I don’t know how to disinfect a mailbox from a dead bird, I’m worried about diseases and have used five different kinds of cleaner but still feel like the bird’s still in there still and like my bills and my catalogues and my coupons have dead bird on them
i) it was a hummingbird, I looked it up – they don’t even live in New York – this is so f*ing psycho, I can’t believe this
j) are you the mailman?
k) I’m always nice to the mailman
l) the super didn’t care when I told him what happened
m) the neighbors didn’t care either
n) do you have some kind of problem with birds
o) don’t put anything else in my mailbox
p) unless it’s an apology
q) no, I take that back, I don’t even want an apology
r) what am I supposed to do with this bird – it’s in bubblewrap in a bag in a shoebox in the freezer right now – am I supposed to bury it – where? how? in a construction site where they’ve jackhammered through the concrete – where is a person supposed to bury things in this city?
s) I could drop it in the Gowanus canal, but that seems undignified
t) I could drop it in the ocean, but the ocean is so big and it is such a small bird
u) I could drop it in the toilet but it would probably get stuck
v) I hear this whirring around my ears every time I go to the mailbox and I’m pretty sure it’s ghost bird, and I’m all “it wasn’t me that killed you, bird!” but still the whirring doesn’t go away until I get to the stairwell
w) am I supposed to eat it – maybe you were trying to feed me – don’t you know I’m a vegetarian
x) if this was Ricky, I’m gonna beat your ass, mama told you stop bothering the zoo
y) if this was Gina, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, how many times I gotta say I’m sorry
z) I could drop it off the roof, maybe it will reincarnate while falling and I can start reading my mail again

best of craigslist: who put the dead bird in my mailbox? – w4m.
(It’s Friday. I’m tired & I like this.)

Momma Didn’t Raise No Necrophiliac

However, there is something appealing to me about the less-than-living characters of some fictional works. We see an increase in general fascination that our culture has with the beauty of immortality, but I, for some reason, don’t tend to go for the pretty vampire boys.

I don’t have more than one or two examples of undead fangirl interests. Since I had mentioned him in a recent post, I’ve decided to dedicate this installment of “Yeah, I’d hit that” to none other than Richard the Warlock:

If you have not read Looking For Group, I highly recommend it. I don’t read a lot of Webcomics, especially ones with continuing story arcs. It has a weird, quirky wit and the plot never gets dry.

As for Richard, he’s a lovable antagonist. The claim is he’s the most powerful (and arguably evil) warlock in this world, but chooses to hang out with adventurers fighting for good. I think the draw for me is his sick sense of humor and the fact that you never know around whom he’d hold restraint (working for the “good” side hasn’t given him any new appreciation for life). And he has Daddy issues, which is cute.

Other points of interest:
He’s really into pain.
He looks good in an orange jumpsuit and has exceptional strength.
He may have some questionable sexual identity issues. (And is a major misogynist.)

As my friends know about my tastes, he about fits the bill.

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