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Christmas Wish List Part Two

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love Star Wars. No, I really love Star Wars. There are a number of Star Wars gift guides you can find, but I want you to know what I ~need~ this year.

First is the wall decal. It seems to be more and more popular, because who doesn’t love AT-ATs?

My peeve is that I don’t need a wall decal (my wall is currently inhabited by owls). I’m looking for a messenger bag and while researching Etsy I found a Millennium Falcon bag. It is awesome, but I want one with an AT-AT on it. Is this so difficult? I need someone to merge the two:

A lot of people have seen the artwork of Gareth Payne. I would love a print, but his most recent stuff is kind of meh.

Some of you may know that I also have a weird adoration for hats. There are Etsy creators who knit R2D2 hats. This is obviously something else I need:

As we travel beyond Etsy, we see there are many geek site options. I don’t know how long woot! will have this, but I really like this shirt:

ThinkGeek has a bunch of Star Wars related paraphernalia. I super need a new set of headphones:

I already have this lunchbox, so don’t get it for me.

Maybe you can just make me something. (Mmmm… chocolate Solo)


Interpretive Dances

Have you ever watched a movie and gone, “Yeah, that would be great as a Cabaret act!” Then you’ve probably been watching movies on LSD. I’ve learned this from picking up new “interpretations” of some of my favorite films around the Internet.

First a little French Disco number:

(If you follow Everything Is Terrible you would’ve caught this a few days ago.)

And an old favorite that I frightened my friends with when I was busy obsessing over Watchmen (this is a bit NSFW):

No post Monday because I was in a complete and utter psychotic meltdown. I finally realized that I needed to come off my new epilepsy meds. I’ve only been taking them for less than a month, but they’ve been making me trip out more than the makers of the videos up above. I’m getting a few days to let my brain rest before trying out whatever fresh hell the doctor has prescribed for me now.


(Via Very Demotivational)

Such Strong Thighs You Have

In my ever continuing quest for the dark history of the Internet, I stumbled on the Micro Heroes website. An homage to the days when Angelfire and Geocities ruled the lands, the artwork is of an advanced form – not quite as bad as the rotating stars and winking large-eyed girls – but they are tailored to the horny geek children that used to own the young Internet world.

You have your basic comic book heroes & villains:

Some television & movie I’m not sure what:

As well as several unfortunate souls & some “naughty” women. I thought the latter would be depicted in compromising poses, however the creators had a limited body mold and we get several wide-spread, muscular thigh action again. Whatever floats your boat. (BTW, each image posted links directly to their related grouping. Fair warning the Harleyquinn page is NSFW as it includes Cat Woman.)

I checked some other parts of the site, like the links and flash movies. I stopped and burst out laughing under the “Star Wars Movies” sections. It says, and I directly quote: “Please be warned that some of the file are rather large in size (1mb+) and may take sometime to load – but I think they are worth the wait.” Oh Internet, how you’ve grown.

Ball of Joy!

Katamari Damacy is the best time wasting game ever! No lie. Apparently there is a Katamari Hack that you can put into your toolbar. What this does is whenever you visit a site you click on the link and it activates funtime Katamari. I just rolled up this entire blog. A spectacular surprise: it began playing the famous music once I started.

Here’s an extra treat:

In Soviet Russia… Eh, Nevermind

I love the original artwork of movie posters from other countries. I don’t intend to become a collector as… well, face it, I’m broke and will probably remain so for a time. But that’s what the Internet is for. My blog, if you haven’t guessed, will have many Star Wars references. In those two veins, I am happy to share the Soviet Union’s Star Wars movie posters:

(Via Izismile where a few more can be found. And frankly scare/confuse me.)

I was going to have a real post today filled with deep political and philosophical ideas about Anonymous, recent events, the future of the Internet, etc. But I had too much coffee and couldn’t handle it so I’m hiding behind a mask of cultural awesome.

First T-Shirt Geek-Off

I will try to find more of these to compete. Found this over at io9:

Can be purchased at TeeFury (obvi) as well as many fine garments you may purchase for me. Anytime. Anytime at all. I mean, I’m feeling pretty sick this week so that would cheer me up. I think it’s strep. I’ll keep you posted.

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