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Full of Holes

Poor veins once again are my enemy. I am all plugged in and ready to go, but blood work for the hospital and an IV need to be taken care of. Cold hospital air + dehydration from nothing but coffee as I dragged myself in this morning = no veins. Please don’t wiggle the nee- ohhh….

Other than that, I’m doing fine. A little dizzy, but fine. I came in sleep deprived and last night I watched a full display of fireworks (which I’m sure my brain loved). I might show some videos of that: I took the video camera and recorded it all, including the creepy, drunk, white trash lady who left 5 minutes before the fireworks started because she couldn’t take the waiting anymore.

Now we play the waiting game. And watch lots of T.V. I can’t do much more than that because I’m missing the use of one of my fingers. Sorry this update isn’t terribly exciting. So in honor of watching back to back Star Trek: TNG episodes while stuck here I found Texts From Trek:



(Via Very Demotivational)

Geek Drinking

I was looking for “how to make a rainbow shooter”, which apparently only looks cool, but doesn’t have high alcohol content. So why bother? I found everydaydrinkers on YouTube which is an educational group for the common masses who don’t know what they are doing behind the bar counter. I’ve spent many years attempting to hone my tending skills, but I’m still fairly fresh because I usually default to one of three drinks. In keeping with the general theme of my blog, I picked these two videos because they were some of the geekiest. (Our host appears a little plastered in one of them, and although he seems good about staying clear & focused in most vids, I think for the one he’s drunk in it may be appropriate.)

Such Strong Thighs You Have

In my ever continuing quest for the dark history of the Internet, I stumbled on the Micro Heroes website. An homage to the days when Angelfire and Geocities ruled the lands, the artwork is of an advanced form – not quite as bad as the rotating stars and winking large-eyed girls – but they are tailored to the horny geek children that used to own the young Internet world.

You have your basic comic book heroes & villains:

Some television & movie I’m not sure what:

As well as several unfortunate souls & some “naughty” women. I thought the latter would be depicted in compromising poses, however the creators had a limited body mold and we get several wide-spread, muscular thigh action again. Whatever floats your boat. (BTW, each image posted links directly to their related grouping. Fair warning the Harleyquinn page is NSFW as it includes Cat Woman.)

I checked some other parts of the site, like the links and flash movies. I stopped and burst out laughing under the “Star Wars Movies” sections. It says, and I directly quote: “Please be warned that some of the file are rather large in size (1mb+) and may take sometime to load – but I think they are worth the wait.” Oh Internet, how you’ve grown.

Star Trek Love Boat

I don’t have the energy today so here is a slice of starry heaven:

Picard > Skywalker

I follow YouTube user GeneralGrin who does, let’s say, “different takes” on my favorite Star Trek of all – Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve exposed some of my friends on LiveJournal, but his most recent video takes every cake ever. It’s a mash-up of ST:TNG and Star Wars (the originals, none of this prequel crap). Here it is:

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