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Owl of the Week 6

A friend asked me to post more owl art. I’m sorry I’ve been falling down on the job. Oh sh*t. Was that another apology?

For your viewing pleasure:

Source: Gustoff Marshfield. Or this is some German tribute to him? Maybe I should rename my blog “Owls on Skulls”.


Dead Nigel

During college I finally learned how to make friends, having utterly failed during high school. Being a gamer girl, a lot of friends were guys, but by the end of college I had a fairly stable female friend base. When my BFF and I graduated and moved in together we realized that many of our girlfriends were either on campus or still in the area. Since there were now enough females and enough *cars* we could go out and do adult… girl things. We created an official “Girls Night” each week to avoid the natural anti-social behavior of geeky girls.

We liked going to dinner or coffee or taking walks around the campus. There might have been some other stuff in there. I don’t remember. What I *do* remember was a night in October when there were only three of us. I had just bought a big plastic skull from CVS. We were feeling hyper and mischievous and thus was born the Dead Nigel project.

My associate Karrie came up with the idea. My associate Kris loaded us into her car. I worked the camera. And we began the mission. We took that skull all around with us to see what kind of photo-ops we could get. He got to go to Chipotle, the Emory Math & Science Building, and the ladies’ room.

Here are my favorites, though you can see the whole album here.

This a statue of the Emory Eagle. (Though if you ask most Emory students they will tell you their mascot is Dooley.)

I do not know who this woman was. We were taking pictures around the nearby benches and we tagged her and a few other people to hold him. She had the best expression.

I just really like this image.

Here he is in the ladies room!

The pictures were, in fact, developed and sent to a certain friend of mine. On our previous nightly visits to campus we’d leave cryptic messages on his white board. The Dead Nigel Project included images around his office and car and we sent them in an envelope under the code name we had been using. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to find the prank that funny or scary. He knew I was involved and I think he thought it was revenge for our relationship not working out. (I swear it wasn’t my idea.) Doesn’t matter, it was still hilarious to us.

(Another Girls Night memory: Kris saying, “That’s not blood, it’s excitement juice!”)

(And yes, I know the photos kind of suck. I was terrible at night settings on that old camera.)

Twinkle Twinkle Skull So Bright

And now, a cavalcade of bizarre and creative skull designs. I love Shiny Things Day.

Diamond encrusted skull via Daily Mail. Artist David Hirst.

Recycle material skull artwork – pic Who Killed Bambi?. Artist Subodh Gupta (some sort of king of shiny art).

Obsidian skull via International Astrologers – apparently a resource for all your crystal/stone skull needs. Splendid!

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