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Why Won’t You Hold My Hand?

Oh, well this might explain some things.

In case you don’t understand how awesome this is, here’s a close-up:

This is the Skeleton Hand Bracelet from designer Delfina Delettrez (check the site – she has many mad creations). It is available as solid silver or solid gold. The carpal bones are covered in small diamonds and it has a big, fat ruby. What is the function? Letting the world know that you have future plans that may involve a Necronomicon. What is the price tag? Between $23,000 and $25,500, depending where you get your fancies. With that money I could just dig up my own skeleton and glue glitter and rubies on it myself.

That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea…


Mmmm… Skull Juice

When I become a shut-in widowed inheritress, I will have a magnificent liquor cabinet to keep me company. I will need items of equally compelling value to fill it. Within the last month I found two items that seem appropriate, but if anybody wants to buy them for me before the poiso- er, accidental death of my future husband, I will present them here for your consideration:

To pour my potables, I feel that this decanter would be fitting for me:

Available at Olive and Cocoa.

And what better to put in it? Dan Aykroyd’s new Crystal Head vodka. (Yes of Ghostbuster’s fame.) In a perfect an beautiful shape (and only at the low cost of $50), it’s all I could ever want:

You can further read about it here at the main site, click on the image for a review, or just let Dan tell you all about it himself:

Now I have a few more goals to reach for. That is, if I don’t die in this hurricane tomorrow. If I do, I ask that you buy some sort of expensive alcohol and drink it out of my skull once my body is burned. This is a totally serious request. Totally.

If You Buy These Things For Me, I Will Pay You Back In Love

“Seasoning malfunctioning is just like a misery raining day that ruins everything.” – That is an actual tagline from the kedo website. It is from the Introduction of their TeruTeru product. What is it you might ask? A salt & pepper shaker. Or maybe you could get their other seasoning shakers! They come in a… small variety. But they are beautiful:

Everything on the kedo site is fun and imaginative, but replaces common household items, such as a tea mug that has buttons on the side! So cute, but useful. You wrap the string of your tea bag around the button. What? I don’t drink tea, but I know a hundred people who need this. Okay, maybe ten.

Their coffee cup is just as weird. “Has life been a drag? Over busy lifestyle makes us loose interest to anything. And even a cup looks like other million cups it has no interesting point to be brought into you visual field.” This looks strange, I know, yet each piece serves a purpose:

But I think my favorite has to be the ice cream bowls. There have been companies who thought of the bowl/spoon merge, sure. Yet, these spoons are not like any spoon I’ve seen.

(Ice cream not included.)

I tried to find prices or mailing info on this site, I really did. It is impossible. This damn artsy company (which seems confused on what it’s name means – one section says “Keep Experience Design Object” the other says “Keenness Experience Design Originality”) appears based in Taiwan? So any inquiries are directed there. Start saving up your yuĆ”ns because I expect all of these by the Winter Solstice.

Fresh Kicks

When I said I have new shoes yesterday, I meant I personally have new shoes and not just new shoe links to bore you with. It’s a totally different kind of boredom! Okay, look: I’m not home yet and can’t get to my pre-saved links so you’re going to have to deal with my shopping stories for now.

So I have new shoes, yay! ‘What kind?’ you may ask. Converse. I have had a pair of Converse for several years, but they are brown and starting to show their age. They are made of tough leather, though, and have stood the test of time. I’m hoping to get as much use out of the new ones, but these are made of canvas. I don’t care. I just couldn’t resist them!

They look like Space Shoes! And since I got them at Marshall’s they were cheap. (Okay, so my *Mom* got them at Marshall’s since I’m broke. Thanks Mom for the early birthday gift.) The weird thing is, this image is from Shoebacca (awesome name for a shoe site), not the main Converse site. I couldn’t find them anywhere there. Apparently Converse rotates their styles so this isn’t that “cool” anymore which explains the price tag. I still think they’re awesome.

Where Are The Instructions For This Hat?

Legos and fashion are not two things I associate in my mind. I remember playing with Legos as a kid. I had different sets but liked to mix up the pieces and create new worlds. You can find a lot of original ideas are far more inventive and brilliant than the Lego corporation ones. Recently I found a private fashion designer made a pair of Lego Stilettos. At first, I thought, “yeah, I’d buy those!”, but then… those aren’t made with incredible creativity. Those literally look like someone took a pair of stilettos, glued some Legos on, and molded with heat some of the ones that needed to fit around curves. When the article writer said only twelve pairs were made I thought, no kidding, people would realize how cheap these are.** I want to see if anyone can make Lego instructions for these shoes:

I guess in all honesty, when you go the route of merging brightly colored childhood blocks with grown-up fashion you end up with this:

(Via Style In Town)
Or this:

(Via CubeMe)
**(This is no offense to the author at Bit Rebels, just the designer. I’m quite jealous of the author who got a pair of those shoes, in actuality because I’d love to have free Lego stuff. Bit Rebels is pretty awesome if you haven’t checked it out.)

I Don’t Think Xena Would Have Worn This

I certainly would though.

(The Etsy maker calls it the “Xena” ring. I find it a misnomer, but check out the artist’s other rings if you like this piece.)

In other news: I’m unplugged, but covered in flaky glue bits. This is what I hate about having EEGs. I’m also concerned about being reprogrammed. I guess, though, if I’m still paranoid then they haven’t done anything to me. Or maybe they have and I only think I’m paranoid, but now I’m worried about the wrong things… THE SATELLITES!

Holy Steel-Toed Hell

I’m currently all plugged into electrodes. (Literally: I’m having a 24-hour EEG.) So today I’m not terribly keen on doing a big post. I figure I’ll go back to doing a Tuesday Wish-List instead and give you unwarranted fashion tips from someone with no real fashion sense. To give you an idea: I wear the same brown shoes everyday and think it’s okay to wear fur hats in the summer (as long as it’s cool enough). But I do alright for myself. If I had the money, I would not be as bad as I am today. Here is one of the first things I would blow my cash on:

This is the Hobnail Boot by Alexander McQueen. It only goes for around, say… $1,895.00

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