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Hot Thighs

I’ve enjoyed doing theme weeks because they help me focus and allow me to write less. In order to show my utter laziness I’m just going to post videos with a musical theme this week. Most of them will be kind of head-trippy, but not too disturbing. This is odd because I was inspired by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This week’s favorite comes from Russia. Someone remixed Russian soldiers doing some sort of dance-off (and perhaps as a method of keeping warm) to a Run DMC song:

Once again this showcases Russian superiority when it comes to physical prowess. Sarah and I also joked that they are probably so damn good because what else was there to do in the U.S.S.R.?



As we are going into our fourth day of Art Week, I want to make things a little sexier. Ever wonder who made that classic Bond art or designed those Romance novel covers? Robert McGinnis, that’s who. Arriving from the classic 60’s/70’s era of illustration, I present some of his works including the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie poster:

Click on Mr. McGinnis’s name for lots & lots more images (for some reason on a Russian site?). Fair warning, there are several nudes (classy pin-up types of course), so it is slightly NSFW. And thanks once again for tuning in.

I Feel Funny About This Part 2

Today is another fan art day. I hope I’m not losing some customers. I have choosy tastes when it comes to fan art. I know what I like and that’s often very little. I have a hard time joining fan groups because that means *art* will crop up. The uncomfortable type. The type that I feel the urge to use “constructive criticism” on, but don’t want to hurt my newfound imaginary Internet friends. Their imaginary love means so much! I’m sorry, a little PTSD there. I have tried my hand at fan art and maybe it’s because I SUCK SO HARD that it comes across as bitterness, but I do have a discerning eye and it takes a special talent to get my attention. Even then it still makes me feel funny.

This here art from tentaclees is located at the Deviant Art boards. Her general art is pretty awesome, but most of her work seems fan-based. I guess I connect because I’m familiar with most of her subjects, but I really just like her style. I always like to think that if I had continued to pursue drawing I wouldn’t suck so badly today. I think actually attending an art class in high school messed me up. … Off track again. Today’s not been a good day for me.

tentaclees’ subjects cover Harry Potter, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (friends can verify I was concernedly obsessed with J. Vasquez’s works in college), MST3K, Gorillaz (Noodle mostly), Metalocalypse, The Venture Brothers (my computer’s name is Dr. Girlfriend so we approve), and countless other sci fi/fantasy/video game titles. Here are a few choice works, though the artist seems quite prolific:

Sorry the images are so large. For some reason WP disobeys my orders for thumbnails so images tend to be readjusted. Even if none of these do it for you, you can still check out the gallery in the link above (or click on any image) because it seems like art my audience would be into. If I have an audience. Hello?
…thump thump thump thump *slam*
Oh well.

Dracu-Lee-an (That’s Terrible)

I wish a very happy birthday to Christopher Lee today. At 89 the actor has 272 movies (and counting) under his malevolent belt. I think he’s one of the greatest voices and villains on screen. I know a lot of people associate him with either Dracula or Saruman (or Dooku ~ eesh), but I have fond memories of his some other roles. There was King Haggard from The Last Unicorn:

(Via Shannon’s Study)
His small, but pivotal role as The Judge in Sleepy Hollow:

(Via Electric Dragonfly)
And, because I’m lost in the games, DiZ/Ansem the Wise from Kingdom Hearts II:

Looking at his list of movies, I noticed a lot of his earlier years are filled with fantastic horror films that I should eventually get around to watching. I am in a sort of mild-interest-in-horror phase and wouldn’t mind starting with the classics. Besides, I LOVED his cameo in The Magic Christian as “ship’s vampire”:

(A Must. See. Movie.) Also, you are welcome, for anyone who bothered to click on any of those movie links. I feel like I’m looking in someone’s basement and finding old copies of Popular Mechanics.

Cakes of Myth and Legend

My mom is planning my wedding. There are still some important elements missing in this equation. Namely, I don’t have a current boyfriend, there is no money that would go into any wedding planning even if I were to start a whirlwind romance with some strange upstart, and her wedding ideas are, well, unconventional. She’s in a steampunk phase.

I decided to do some research to see what may be in store for me. She probably already has some ideas for the dress code. I hope I have some say in the wedding dress itself. Formal steampunk dresses tend to be mostly corset and petticoat. I’ll expect that, but the bottom half I get to design as I’m not terribly fond of bulk. Or skirts. (Why do I even need to wear a skirt? Can I wear pants?) Anyway, here were some designs I liked: Here’s a lovely photolog of someone’s wedding, including a dress that would probably fit and look good on me. A deviant artist drew a couple of ideas and this was my favorite. And a woman put her whole gallery of professional pics on site so you can get an idea of the dress.

What I found, though, while doing a Google search under the terms for “steampunk wedding” was that it didn’t seem to be about the outfits or the rings, but it was about the cakes. As someone who has stumbled upon several different cake shows, I know that people like to shock and awe their guests with the centerpiece of the reception. I’ve even been to a wedding where the cake was a beautiful thing (from the Black Fox’s wedding). However, the insanity and extravagance of steampunk cakes blows my mind. It’s as though the entire time spent planning the wedding and put into budget was for the cake alone. “We can’t get a real dirigible, so let’s mold some bread and icing into one.” If I were a guest at one of those weddings, I would feel baaad for sinking my teeth into just one bite. If you can’t imagine what I am talking about, here is what this post is referring to:

And so on. There are more. Many more. They are too intimidating and wondrous to eat. To Mom: if you really are planning, this is what you have to start working on first, apparently. I have a nasty feeling, though, that you are suddenly going to say, “you’re the creative one! You start designing.” If it were up to me, I’d go with this:

Dress Up Barbie With Guns

There was no post yesterday because I started playing FF X-2 again. There is no excuse for this. I first started playing several years ago because I’m an insane Final Fantasy X fan. When I played FF X-2 it was because it wrapped up loose ends, let me visit the world again, and – essentially, as my friend Spring put it – play a guilt-free “dress up Barbie” game.

Playing it you realize: no wonder it didn’t take off as well with American Boys, but seemingly it has high popularity with female gamers. There are so many outfits! It’s so pretty! Plus the girls are (kinda) smart and empowered! This is so a girly game, but as mentioned in my previous post (is this turning into sexism week?), I have a bit of an issue with sexy fashion being the draw for excitement. Still, I can’t help but be addicted to the game due to my undying love for the world and the way the game is designed.

It’s the damn percentage system that I both love and hate. You have to do very specific things in order to get 100% to achieve the “perfect ending”. For OCD completionists like myself (the person who attempted to defeat every super-monster and get every ultimate weapon in FFX), this was a nightmare. If you don’t go into a certain cave in Chapter 4 or speak to a midget in Chapter 2, etc. this game will screw you over by .5%. Finally, Spring decided to assuage my frustration and buy me the damn game book (eternal gratitude). So now I have the ability to achieve the 100%. While it does not fill the void in my soul, it distracts me from the emptiness.

The game stars Rikku and Yuna from FFX plus a lesbian named Paine!

Totally not about hot bitches:

Approval Face

This is why I follow @simmonpegg on Twitter:
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