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Geek Spin

I just have a link today for my last day of art week. I wanted to share Underneath It All. I can’t really post this image on my blog because it’s freakin’ huge, plus the idea is to be able to flip it around on the site.

I hope y’all don’t have the same loading problems I did, but the piece wasn’t loading correctly at first for me. My resolution was to take the un-flipped image which is here and when I flipped it upside down on the main page, it worked, but required some reloading (it’s the same link as the first one).

It’s 8-bit art of awesome.

I Feel Funny About This Part 2

Today is another fan art day. I hope I’m not losing some customers. I have choosy tastes when it comes to fan art. I know what I like and that’s often very little. I have a hard time joining fan groups because that means *art* will crop up. The uncomfortable type. The type that I feel the urge to use “constructive criticism” on, but don’t want to hurt my newfound imaginary Internet friends. Their imaginary love means so much! I’m sorry, a little PTSD there. I have tried my hand at fan art and maybe it’s because I SUCK SO HARD that it comes across as bitterness, but I do have a discerning eye and it takes a special talent to get my attention. Even then it still makes me feel funny.

This here art from tentaclees is located at the Deviant Art boards. Her general art is pretty awesome, but most of her work seems fan-based. I guess I connect because I’m familiar with most of her subjects, but I really just like her style. I always like to think that if I had continued to pursue drawing I wouldn’t suck so badly today. I think actually attending an art class in high school messed me up. … Off track again. Today’s not been a good day for me.

tentaclees’ subjects cover Harry Potter, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (friends can verify I was concernedly obsessed with J. Vasquez’s works in college), MST3K, Gorillaz (Noodle mostly), Metalocalypse, The Venture Brothers (my computer’s name is Dr. Girlfriend so we approve), and countless other sci fi/fantasy/video game titles. Here are a few choice works, though the artist seems quite prolific:

Sorry the images are so large. For some reason WP disobeys my orders for thumbnails so images tend to be readjusted. Even if none of these do it for you, you can still check out the gallery in the link above (or click on any image) because it seems like art my audience would be into. If I have an audience. Hello?
…thump thump thump thump *slam*
Oh well.

It’s a Haiku

Here is the post I promised from yesterday. The tumblr MST3K Haiku no longer seems to be updating since March of 2010, so I can only honor its greatness in death. Here I present to you some of my favorites:

Such Strong Thighs You Have

In my ever continuing quest for the dark history of the Internet, I stumbled on the Micro Heroes website. An homage to the days when Angelfire and Geocities ruled the lands, the artwork is of an advanced form – not quite as bad as the rotating stars and winking large-eyed girls – but they are tailored to the horny geek children that used to own the young Internet world.

You have your basic comic book heroes & villains:

Some television & movie I’m not sure what:

As well as several unfortunate souls & some “naughty” women. I thought the latter would be depicted in compromising poses, however the creators had a limited body mold and we get several wide-spread, muscular thigh action again. Whatever floats your boat. (BTW, each image posted links directly to their related grouping. Fair warning the Harleyquinn page is NSFW as it includes Cat Woman.)

I checked some other parts of the site, like the links and flash movies. I stopped and burst out laughing under the “Star Wars Movies” sections. It says, and I directly quote: “Please be warned that some of the file are rather large in size (1mb+) and may take sometime to load – but I think they are worth the wait.” Oh Internet, how you’ve grown.

In Soviet Russia… Eh, Nevermind

I love the original artwork of movie posters from other countries. I don’t intend to become a collector as… well, face it, I’m broke and will probably remain so for a time. But that’s what the Internet is for. My blog, if you haven’t guessed, will have many Star Wars references. In those two veins, I am happy to share the Soviet Union’s Star Wars movie posters:

(Via Izismile where a few more can be found. And frankly scare/confuse me.)

I was going to have a real post today filled with deep political and philosophical ideas about Anonymous, recent events, the future of the Internet, etc. But I had too much coffee and couldn’t handle it so I’m hiding behind a mask of cultural awesome.

First T-Shirt Geek-Off

I will try to find more of these to compete. Found this over at io9:

Can be purchased at TeeFury (obvi) as well as many fine garments you may purchase for me. Anytime. Anytime at all. I mean, I’m feeling pretty sick this week so that would cheer me up. I think it’s strep. I’ll keep you posted.

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