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What To Get Geek Girls

At some point I might have promised not to do ring posts again. I LIED. Going back to my raven/shiny objects analogy, I prefer bright, odd, and more costume-esque jewelry. I like hunting through secondhand stores for a piece of treasure (and renaissance festivals are my bane). The Internet is another source for ornaments I want and can’t afford. Here are a few:

I had an entire post on Lego fads and how I couldn’t understand why people go to lengths for toy fashion. I guess it’s like the Rule 34 of design (if it exists someone has tried to make it wearable). Here is something Lego-related that I do approve of:

This is from Totally Geek.

Being the science geek that I am, I would kill for one of these (especially if it comes in Beryllium):

Linked from The Toy Zone‘s article on geeky wedding rings. From that same article there were a handful of USB rings and this:

And as an aside, I like shiny necklaces, too. Please, please, please:

A la EPBOT from their article on Geek Chic Bling.

Why Won’t You Hold My Hand?

Oh, well this might explain some things.

In case you don’t understand how awesome this is, here’s a close-up:

This is the Skeleton Hand Bracelet from designer Delfina Delettrez (check the site – she has many mad creations). It is available as solid silver or solid gold. The carpal bones are covered in small diamonds and it has a big, fat ruby. What is the function? Letting the world know that you have future plans that may involve a Necronomicon. What is the price tag? Between $23,000 and $25,500, depending where you get your fancies. With that money I could just dig up my own skeleton and glue glitter and rubies on it myself.

That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea…

I Don’t Think Xena Would Have Worn This

I certainly would though.

(The Etsy maker calls it the “Xena” ring. I find it a misnomer, but check out the artist’s other rings if you like this piece.)

In other news: I’m unplugged, but covered in flaky glue bits. This is what I hate about having EEGs. I’m also concerned about being reprogrammed. I guess, though, if I’m still paranoid then they haven’t done anything to me. Or maybe they have and I only think I’m paranoid, but now I’m worried about the wrong things… THE SATELLITES!

Out of Days of Future Yore

I stumbled across these rings awhile back and have held onto the links because they are really neat, but not fantastically bizarre. The website, Art Deco Diamonds does just that: nouveau jewelry and supposedly “vintage” items which look like they were dreamt up in some Steampunk factory. I’m not saying they have gears and odd pieces of industrial flotsam, but if you check out the site, you will see what I’m talking about. The metals are made to look aged, have intricate designs in most of the shank, and have a clunky look and feel.

There are hundreds of items, most way over $1000, but if I had the money…. Here are some of my favorites, just by browsing:

My Goth Is Showing


At some point I tried to bring some semblance of order to this blog. There was a pattern and shape that I was trying to get comfortable with, but Discordia is this blog’s muse. I’m trying to keep Wednesday Bling going until I no longer have links to the ring posts. I want to *eat* this ring:


Midnight Garden Victorian Black Rose Ring in by robinhoodcouture – Stylehive.

With Your Powers Combined…

Here’s the plan: Every superhero comic/show/videogame/*concept* is being made into a movie. Why not the most brilliant piece of liberal propaganda that brainwashed captivated us all as kids? I speak of none other than CAPTAIN PLANET! (By Odin’s Raven! Is that another one of those ancient sites I bespoke of? Sarah, come look!)

There was a hoax going around for several months leading poor fan boys into believing this movie would some day exist. It would star none other than Brad Pitt and be directed by the Wachowski Brothers (and have Hugo Weaving? What villain was he going to be?). They even went so far as to create a fake domain name, though nothing exists there. Ergo, since all this hype was raised for nothing yet *everything* else nerd-boys love is getting recognized, it’s the next logical step. It’s also a good study on seeing how we can further cheapen the goals of our current ecological endeavors:

Today is still a bling post. Captain Planet was all about the rings. Five kids brought together by nothing else but big, honking pimp rings. They looked like glass or kind of plastic-y and when fans got replicas they always looked cheap. That’s not going to sell in modern America. If we are going to bump this up, meaning merchandisemerchandisemerchandise, we have to have nice rings, sexier clothes (what is Ma-Ti wearing? Jungle clothes? No.), and a much hotter Gaia. I can help with one area. Here are some rings I think the producers & designers should consider:

(Via Style Hive)

(Via Antique Vintage Engagement Rings)
Call me if you make a decision! We’ll do lunch!

Not jewelry to buy for grandma

This is from my weird catalog of engagement rings:

The website, is obviously a creepy faux Tiffany co. knock-off store. So while Tiffany’s sells that ring for $150, they’ll sell it for $24. What a deal! Careful of the rust stains.

Anyway, the reason this particular ring stood out was because it immediately reminded me of this:

Made by Leah Piepgras, this seemingly innocuous piece of jewelry is actually a physical representation of the “pearl necklace” (nsfw link for language). And it goes for $420. Art confuses me.

Sorry to those of you now scarred for having this knowledge (or bored because they already knew about it). Hope next week is less creepy.

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