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Owl of the Week 5

Might as well keep the owl posts going. Those are easy and make me happy.

Via artist Oksana Badrak. Found through Just Art.

Owl of the Week 3

Oops. Almost forgot. I was busy watching White Christmas. Here’s an owl that is decidedly not Christmas:

This is by artist Hydro 74.

This is one of my favorite owl illustrations. It has so many things I love. Owl. Skull. Creepy all-seeing eyeball.

Owl of the Week 2

I was going to post one of my favorite owl images from tumblr today. That’s where I keep all my cool stuff. ALAS! It is down! What am I going to do with the rest of my evening? I’ll have to… read a book or something.

Anyway, thank goodness for We Heart It. I never really use it, but maybe I should use it more in case the tumblr-ocalypse happens.

Here’s one from their stock.

(I don’t know the origin. If someone can tell me where this is from that would be awesome.)

Edit: Of course as soon as I post this the tumblr starts rolling again.

Owl of the Week

This should make Wednesdays easier to update: weekly Deviant Art finds of my owl friends.

Thanksgiving Owls by Buuya


I have a New Year’s Resolution: Be as fierce as the Owlbear! What a magnificent and handsome beast be the Owlbear, so strong and robust (I like my coffee like I like my Owlbears).

When I was an aspiring author at the ripe young age of 8, I had completed a story about a hunter by the name of JoeJoe (if you’re a fan of Who’s Line Is It Anyway you will keep thinking “the Mutant Small Person”). JoeJoe apparently wanted to hunt a big, “sloppy” bear and when he came across said monstrosity he was chased back into his castle (hunters lived in castles in my world, baby). JoeJoe missed out on his chance. At first, my thought was, “I’m JoeJoe. I have a cowardly and defeatist attitude about my fears. When I see something, I will not consider how best to approach it and as soon as it looks scary, I run.” … Okay, that is me. But the point is that had I but *known* that Owlbears existed back then, I would have made it an Owlbear and JoeJoe would have been ripped to shreds before he could escape. And I probably would have been sent to a therapist.

The brilliant piece of fiction can be found here (part a) and here (part b). (If you are concerned it’s going to be long because it comes in 2 parts, don’t be. These are pics of a stained sheet of paper from 20 years ago.)

Bears have been a part of my growing up. When I was young, I was even called “Betsy Bear”. Next comes the owl part. The blog even has “owl” in it because for a long time I’ve looked up to owls, often seen to be harbingers of death (not the ideals of wisdom as so many misinterpret thanks to silly Greek Mythology). I even have an owl that watches over me:

His name is Nunnos. I’ve had him, thanks to my friend Zanders, for about 10 years now. I also have several mini-statues and arcane pieces collected over the years. Wait, they’re harbingers? Does that mean these figures are wards or am I welcoming death with open arms? Guess that would explain the icy chills.

When I began playing D&D I found there existed a monster called an “Owlbear” and thought it had to be some sort of model of perfection when it came to monsters. Turns out it is rarely used amongst my friends. Possibly because it *is* so awesome, they are afraid of not simulating the correct Owlbear personae. So I bring to the world a post dedicated to the wonder that is the Owlbear:

I found what appears to be a game story writer who dedicated a series and several images to these marvelous creatures. His name is Jon Hodgson. I really like some of the work:

I also found a *really* old fan post from story games: i stab you in the hope with my ennui for Owlbears.

And last, but not least, you can find D&D shirts and fun doodles @

If you love these hairy, feathery lugs as much as I do (and you should!), you’ll check this stuff out.

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