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Owl of the Week 6

A friend asked me to post more owl art. I’m sorry I’ve been falling down on the job. Oh sh*t. Was that another apology?

For your viewing pleasure:

Source: Gustoff Marshfield. Or this is some German tribute to him? Maybe I should rename my blog “Owls on Skulls”.

Owl of the Week 5

Might as well keep the owl posts going. Those are easy and make me happy.

Via artist Oksana Badrak. Found through Just Art.

Owl of the Week 4

It’s snowy. It’s holiday season. It’s Owl Wednesday!

There are a few more here: Lovely Owls on tumblr.

I don’t know what these are from. If someone can tell me the origin, the designer, something… that would be great. If these are from a holiday card set, I would totally buy them.

Owl of the Week 3

Oops. Almost forgot. I was busy watching White Christmas. Here’s an owl that is decidedly not Christmas:

This is by artist Hydro 74.

This is one of my favorite owl illustrations. It has so many things I love. Owl. Skull. Creepy all-seeing eyeball.

Owl of the Week 2

I was going to post one of my favorite owl images from tumblr today. That’s where I keep all my cool stuff. ALAS! It is down! What am I going to do with the rest of my evening? I’ll have to… read a book or something.

Anyway, thank goodness for We Heart It. I never really use it, but maybe I should use it more in case the tumblr-ocalypse happens.

Here’s one from their stock.

(I don’t know the origin. If someone can tell me where this is from that would be awesome.)

Edit: Of course as soon as I post this the tumblr starts rolling again.

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