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Interpretive Dances

Have you ever watched a movie and gone, “Yeah, that would be great as a Cabaret act!” Then you’ve probably been watching movies on LSD. I’ve learned this from picking up new “interpretations” of some of my favorite films around the Internet.

First a little French Disco number:

(If you follow Everything Is Terrible you would’ve caught this a few days ago.)

And an old favorite that I frightened my friends with when I was busy obsessing over Watchmen (this is a bit NSFW):

No post Monday because I was in a complete and utter psychotic meltdown. I finally realized that I needed to come off my new epilepsy meds. I’ve only been taking them for less than a month, but they’ve been making me trip out more than the makers of the videos up above. I’m getting a few days to let my brain rest before trying out whatever fresh hell the doctor has prescribed for me now.

The Most Important Video You May Ever Watch

I couldn’t figure out a good video to wrap this week up. Okay, the real delay was because I ended up wasting my day on FFX-2 again. My bad. Anyway, I have one more video from my collection that has stuck with me for years. The problem is you need about 40 spare minutes to indulge in it. I present The Most Important Video You May Ever Watch (it demands full screen):

This is going to be it for about two weeks. I’ll be going up to Mom’s in a week, but next week will just be a personal week because it’s good to take a mental break from the blog every once & awhile. If I feel like updating, I might.

Old And Awesome

Today is a double dose of old videos I have kept in my YouTube account that I keep going back to watch every so often. They are an excellent way to enliven your day. I hope you understand why:

To assuage any confusion about that second one: he’s not speaking Italian. He’s speaking gibberish. He’s an Italian artist who wanted to sort of… mimic the way he heard Americans speaking on T.V. and came up with this. There’s a related vid that does a “translation” that’s pretty hilarious.

Tasty Visuals

I’ve posted this in a couple of places, but it’ll be a first for the blog. I can’t stop watching it. It haunts me.

Purely Psychosomatic

This is an old favorite that I was introduced to back in college. It is hard to explain the video, you just have to watch and learn. LEARN. Young’uns today don’t understand that you don’t need those digital animatrations to depict crazy.

Hot Thighs

I’ve enjoyed doing theme weeks because they help me focus and allow me to write less. In order to show my utter laziness I’m just going to post videos with a musical theme this week. Most of them will be kind of head-trippy, but not too disturbing. This is odd because I was inspired by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This week’s favorite comes from Russia. Someone remixed Russian soldiers doing some sort of dance-off (and perhaps as a method of keeping warm) to a Run DMC song:

Once again this showcases Russian superiority when it comes to physical prowess. Sarah and I also joked that they are probably so damn good because what else was there to do in the U.S.S.R.?

I’m Back

Did you miss me?

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin from Blink on Vimeo.

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