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30 Day Disney Challenge: Day One

I’m cross-posting from my tumblr blog since I have two separate audiences. Generally I reserve quick pics now to tumblr, but I really want to write more. In order to feel like I’m “blogging” again, I’m taking on the Disney Challenge. Maybe you’ll see me getting in touch with my inner child. Or outer child. I haven’t really grown up.

Day One: Your Favorite Character

This is a very difficult choice. I’ve seen a huge amount of Disney movies and there are a few characters that stand out in my mind, but I think tops on the list is Merlin. Genie and Krunk are also on that list (as well as a handful of villains but there’s a “favorite villain” question later), but neither have real wisdom or independence. When I saw The Sword in the Stone as a kid I thought Merlin was amazing. His role was as a tutor, but his teaching style was very unorthodox. He was about experiencing the trials of life first hand and understanding that knowledge and wisdom were the most important things. He feels like a character I’d hang out with and beg to be taught by. I might get some flack for this: but I think he’s cooler than Dumbledore.

Not to mention he had an owl named Archimedes.

No More Free Time

I finally gave in and started a Tumblr. That’s right, I have the DISEASE now. Part of it is for the sheer amusement, but part of it is for inspiration on this blog. Since I’m going to spend the rest of my day rotting my brain over there I’ll just dump this mindf*ck on you:

Courtesy of Very Demotivational.

Go Outside? Nah.

I had some fun videos and pictures from last week’s ordeal, but the tiny camera is giving me guff. I might have broked it. Don’t tell Mom. Now that I’m back to freedom I have immediately returned to my regular regimen of video games. I realized I still haven’t gotten the full 100% on FFX-2! That’s gotta be remedied. So of course I spent 4 &1/2 hours this morning glued to the T.V. waiting to get through the “concert” scene. It get all verklempt!

I need to get away from the video games. They may be part of the reason I’m on a gloomy island of solitude. That and no car. For all those lonely gamers out there, I dedicate this summer post to you:

That gif should be usable in all manner of situations. I can see it popping up as you are ushered out of the building where you are being fired. Mayhaps your ex-wife or ex-husband could use a visual exercise. We’ll work on the medium, but I think this could work.

If only life were as consequence-less as in Hyrule.:

Knowing my luck, though, I’d be the hapless villager on the other end of that.

The Overlord of Eeeevil

I have held in high regard numerous villains throughout my life. One in particular that shaped my young mind was Skeletor. He had the looks, he had the castle, and he had a great sinister laugh, but unfortunately he had incompetent underlings. For the NSPCC I changed my profile picture so my friends could enjoy looking at a truly man’s man, Skeletor. My admiration presses me to dedicate a post on the Internet’s view of him.

I was reminded to do this as I was on vacation when my sister sent me a link to Not Now, Skeletor. This tumblr makes him a part of all our beloved childhood memories:

There was the Skeletor Saves auction charity event (for homeless LGBT youth) that had several provocative images depicted here at HuffPo. This one I had to hunt down on another site:

(Via Obvious Winner)

And I had been meaning to post this as a separate pic, but it seems appropriate to include this here:

Possible Job Options

Keep Watching

I am a huge MST3K fan. A huge, HUGE MST3K fan. One summer in high school I had a Prince of Space MiSTy tape that I played on repeat (another reason the VCR was shot in less than a year) in the background while I worked on other projects. That was one of the summers where I didn’t have any real friends so Mike and the bots substituted. That doesn’t sound pathetic at all. Right?

Then in college it was a great way to bond with people, including a friend who has stuck with me for over a decade. Roo had most of them in mpeg format and he’d invited me to watch them at his dorm room (scandalous!). I think this was in part to scare off his creepy roommate.

Dragon*Con has brought me close to my heroes on a number of occasions. I’ve even gotten a picture taken with Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy. Here’s the link, although I have to explain this was more than eight years ago and I had worse fashion sense than I do now: I’m wearing a Dr. Evil shirt. I kinda miss that shirt now. Nostalgia has no taste.

I have happened upon two MST3K related tumblrs, although one doesn’t seem active anymore. The other one inspired me greatly and I am working to add to it. I’ll post pics from the defunct one tomorrow, but today I’d like to show you this one that I made from the Hipster MST3K site:

And these are a few of my favorites made by other posters:

So there you have it. (A letter opener.) I’ll be posting more updates on Hipster MST3K and hope to inspire more people to return. If not, I have a fun art project to keep myself busy for a few days.


I don’t have backup plans for my blog. Maybe I should.

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