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Where Are The Instructions For This Hat?

Legos and fashion are not two things I associate in my mind. I remember playing with Legos as a kid. I had different sets but liked to mix up the pieces and create new worlds. You can find a lot of original ideas are far more inventive and brilliant than the Lego corporation ones. Recently I found a private fashion designer made a pair of Lego Stilettos. At first, I thought, “yeah, I’d buy those!”, but then… those aren’t made with incredible creativity. Those literally look like someone took a pair of stilettos, glued some Legos on, and molded with heat some of the ones that needed to fit around curves. When the article writer said only twelve pairs were made I thought, no kidding, people would realize how cheap these are.** I want to see if anyone can make Lego instructions for these shoes:

I guess in all honesty, when you go the route of merging brightly colored childhood blocks with grown-up fashion you end up with this:

(Via Style In Town)
Or this:

(Via CubeMe)
**(This is no offense to the author at Bit Rebels, just the designer. I’m quite jealous of the author who got a pair of those shoes, in actuality because I’d love to have free Lego stuff. Bit Rebels is pretty awesome if you haven’t checked it out.)

Out of Days of Future Yore

I stumbled across these rings awhile back and have held onto the links because they are really neat, but not fantastically bizarre. The website, Art Deco Diamonds does just that: nouveau jewelry and supposedly “vintage” items which look like they were dreamt up in some Steampunk factory. I’m not saying they have gears and odd pieces of industrial flotsam, but if you check out the site, you will see what I’m talking about. The metals are made to look aged, have intricate designs in most of the shank, and have a clunky look and feel.

There are hundreds of items, most way over $1000, but if I had the money…. Here are some of my favorites, just by browsing:

My Goth Is Showing


At some point I tried to bring some semblance of order to this blog. There was a pattern and shape that I was trying to get comfortable with, but Discordia is this blog’s muse. I’m trying to keep Wednesday Bling going until I no longer have links to the ring posts. I want to *eat* this ring:


Midnight Garden Victorian Black Rose Ring in by robinhoodcouture – Stylehive.

Keys to the Kingdom of Awesome

As many of my friends know, I’m a big fan of keys. Keys are symbols of unlocking power, mystery, a gate to a kingdom, or treasures untold. Keys can be part of an initiation rite. Or my personal favorite: video games use keys all the time. “Looks like you need a special key for that.” Makes sense that some of my favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. (Okay, that and I have a secret thing for Disney. Sue me.)

My mother found out about my little key obsession and now searches her house for the old keys her family kept over the years. Now I have a small collection, plus some purchased decorative keys:

(Yes, that’s the KH key on the left.)

I kind of kick myself for not taking back the birthday gift I bought my now-ex (who might be reading this – sorry, dude). The set of black wrought-iron keys from Epcot were freaking sweet. But heavy. So if anyone wants to get me a replacement black key that I can carry with me once I move again, I can offer a suggestion:

(Via Tiffany & Co..) C’mon! It’s only $270 without the chain! Yes? Please?

Not jewelry to buy for grandma

This is from my weird catalog of engagement rings:

The website, is obviously a creepy faux Tiffany co. knock-off store. So while Tiffany’s sells that ring for $150, they’ll sell it for $24. What a deal! Careful of the rust stains.

Anyway, the reason this particular ring stood out was because it immediately reminded me of this:

Made by Leah Piepgras, this seemingly innocuous piece of jewelry is actually a physical representation of the “pearl necklace” (nsfw link for language). And it goes for $420. Art confuses me.

Sorry to those of you now scarred for having this knowledge (or bored because they already knew about it). Hope next week is less creepy.

Swarovski Has the GLOW

I had something else planned as my Wednesday theme, but since I haven’t officially started my “theme” days, I’ll switch it to Thursdays! Wednesdays may be my “shiny object” theme, then. That easy. I spent today traipsing about NYC with Danny. We went to the MoMA, saw Times Square, and drank lots of coffee.

I also visited Rockefeller Plaza while waiting for him earlier in the afternoon. I got to see the Swarovski star that tops the Christmas tree.
Swarovski Crystal Star, Rockefeller Center
(This image is via zkeletenz on Flickr. As I saw it midday, I didn’t get to see the special effects. Plus, this is an awesome pic.)

As beautiful as many of Swarovski’s creations are, however, I do not get how these chunks of madness are allowed to be witnessed by the human eye:

(via Forever – my apologies to the blog writers if they ever see this. No means to offend personal tastes. To each their own opinion on art.)

Christmas Wish List: Ring of Power

I know I keep saying I’m not into jewelry, but… but… but…
Onyx Prong Ring
(via Ring-O-Blog)

There are so many awesome rings, by the way, on Ring-O-Blog that seem incredibly imaginative and fantastic. There’s also a “Ringroulette” button that allows you to get random ring choices from their arsenal (which is how I found this one). Recommended if you like bizarre designs and have the gil to spend.

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