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Merry Belated Con-Mas

And BAM! I’m back. I spent the last week at Mom’s. I have a tendency to forget about the Internet when I’m at her place, which is sanity saving. For this last week it was especially good for my health because all of my Atlanta buddies were at the great big ol’ Dragon*Con.

I stopped going to Dragon*Con before I left Atlanta. It’s hard to summarize my history with the Con. My first experience was overwhelming and almost magical for a little geek girl (eugh, almost makes it sound dirty… it kinda is). As the years have gone by, though, each visit becomes more seemingly pointless. I have had great moments and awful ones each year, but I felt like the bad was starting to outweigh the good. So after 9 years, I hung up my badges.

Now when Labor Day rolls around it kinda feels like Christmas. When you are young, everything’s bright and shiny. You can hear music of yesteryear (albeit at the Con it’s 80’s music). There are people dressed as elves. You are on a vacation that you can spend with people you love – like Spike from Buffy or Jayne from Firefly. You can play games… possibly involving reindeer. There’s generally a loss of sleep and lots to eat and drink. At the end you come away with a lot of loot.

Compare to years later: You wonder why you drag yourself out to this ritual every year and hope your loved ones will be a little nicer/more interesting/less drunk than the year before. Checking your account balance you remember that every year you come away with waaaay too much stuff and should keep the crap to a minimum. Plus remember you have to get stuff for Mom and your friends, etc. As soon as the sun goes down you proceed to drink because that’s the best way to deal with that many people. Every year it seems like there are more of these damn kids with their iPads and their body paint and their Steampunk and their idontknowwhat. You still enjoy the music, but the bands still play at midnight and by then you are far too drunk to enjoy/stay awake. Or maybe it’s just because you’ve gotten old. In the end you leave wondering why you paid $120 bucks to see Capt. Picard from several hundred feet away. I can’t find out if he smells like cinnamon from that distance!

Not to sound bitter, but I kind of am. It was just too much for me, but when I see people post or hear about them going, there is a twinge of nostalgia and, maybe, jealousy in my heart. Maybe once I’ve healed I’ll go back. The Dragon is too big right now. If it ever becomes the comforting playland I once knew, I may return. Or if they bring back the Xena track.

Merry Con-Mas

(From my personal collection.)


Swarovski Has the GLOW

I had something else planned as my Wednesday theme, but since I haven’t officially started my “theme” days, I’ll switch it to Thursdays! Wednesdays may be my “shiny object” theme, then. That easy. I spent today traipsing about NYC with Danny. We went to the MoMA, saw Times Square, and drank lots of coffee.

I also visited Rockefeller Plaza while waiting for him earlier in the afternoon. I got to see the Swarovski star that tops the Christmas tree.
Swarovski Crystal Star, Rockefeller Center
(This image is via zkeletenz on Flickr. As I saw it midday, I didn’t get to see the special effects. Plus, this is an awesome pic.)

As beautiful as many of Swarovski’s creations are, however, I do not get how these chunks of madness are allowed to be witnessed by the human eye:

(via Forever – my apologies to the blog writers if they ever see this. No means to offend personal tastes. To each their own opinion on art.)

One Last Christmas Wish List Entry

Hey, there’s still one more day before X-mas, although the rest of your bloated, greed-filled, holidays have passed (but some of these make for good birthday gifts). Here’s an awesome item to consider:

(via Pirate Mod)

Okay, I confess: I’m not going to stop posting my heart’s desires. They just won’t say “Christmas”. Christmas is just an excuse to guilt people into considering buying for me. However, I’m sure blackmail will work in the future…

Have a Safe Holiday

I want to make sure you will be taking things easy this holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. So just remember, if you participate in some form of addictive substance, this may be the outcome:

(click to embiggen, via Madatoms)

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