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Merry Belated Con-Mas

And BAM! I’m back. I spent the last week at Mom’s. I have a tendency to forget about the Internet when I’m at her place, which is sanity saving. For this last week it was especially good for my health because all of my Atlanta buddies were at the great big ol’ Dragon*Con.

I stopped going to Dragon*Con before I left Atlanta. It’s hard to summarize my history with the Con. My first experience was overwhelming and almost magical for a little geek girl (eugh, almost makes it sound dirty… it kinda is). As the years have gone by, though, each visit becomes more seemingly pointless. I have had great moments and awful ones each year, but I felt like the bad was starting to outweigh the good. So after 9 years, I hung up my badges.

Now when Labor Day rolls around it kinda feels like Christmas. When you are young, everything’s bright and shiny. You can hear music of yesteryear (albeit at the Con it’s 80’s music). There are people dressed as elves. You are on a vacation that you can spend with people you love – like Spike from Buffy or Jayne from Firefly. You can play games… possibly involving reindeer. There’s generally a loss of sleep and lots to eat and drink. At the end you come away with a lot of loot.

Compare to years later: You wonder why you drag yourself out to this ritual every year and hope your loved ones will be a little nicer/more interesting/less drunk than the year before. Checking your account balance you remember that every year you come away with waaaay too much stuff and should keep the crap to a minimum. Plus remember you have to get stuff for Mom and your friends, etc. As soon as the sun goes down you proceed to drink because that’s the best way to deal with that many people. Every year it seems like there are more of these damn kids with their iPads and their body paint and their Steampunk and their idontknowwhat. You still enjoy the music, but the bands still play at midnight and by then you are far too drunk to enjoy/stay awake. Or maybe it’s just because you’ve gotten old. In the end you leave wondering why you paid $120 bucks to see Capt. Picard from several hundred feet away. I can’t find out if he smells like cinnamon from that distance!

Not to sound bitter, but I kind of am. It was just too much for me, but when I see people post or hear about them going, there is a twinge of nostalgia and, maybe, jealousy in my heart. Maybe once I’ve healed I’ll go back. The Dragon is too big right now. If it ever becomes the comforting playland I once knew, I may return. Or if they bring back the Xena track.

Merry Con-Mas

(From my personal collection.)

Geek Spin

I just have a link today for my last day of art week. I wanted to share Underneath It All. I can’t really post this image on my blog because it’s freakin’ huge, plus the idea is to be able to flip it around on the site.

I hope y’all don’t have the same loading problems I did, but the piece wasn’t loading correctly at first for me. My resolution was to take the un-flipped image which is here and when I flipped it upside down on the main page, it worked, but required some reloading (it’s the same link as the first one).

It’s 8-bit art of awesome.

It’s a Haiku

Here is the post I promised from yesterday. The tumblr MST3K Haiku no longer seems to be updating since March of 2010, so I can only honor its greatness in death. Here I present to you some of my favorites:

Keep Watching

I am a huge MST3K fan. A huge, HUGE MST3K fan. One summer in high school I had a Prince of Space MiSTy tape that I played on repeat (another reason the VCR was shot in less than a year) in the background while I worked on other projects. That was one of the summers where I didn’t have any real friends so Mike and the bots substituted. That doesn’t sound pathetic at all. Right?

Then in college it was a great way to bond with people, including a friend who has stuck with me for over a decade. Roo had most of them in mpeg format and he’d invited me to watch them at his dorm room (scandalous!). I think this was in part to scare off his creepy roommate.

Dragon*Con has brought me close to my heroes on a number of occasions. I’ve even gotten a picture taken with Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy. Here’s the link, although I have to explain this was more than eight years ago and I had worse fashion sense than I do now: I’m wearing a Dr. Evil shirt. I kinda miss that shirt now. Nostalgia has no taste.

I have happened upon two MST3K related tumblrs, although one doesn’t seem active anymore. The other one inspired me greatly and I am working to add to it. I’ll post pics from the defunct one tomorrow, but today I’d like to show you this one that I made from the Hipster MST3K site:

And these are a few of my favorites made by other posters:

So there you have it. (A letter opener.) I’ll be posting more updates on Hipster MST3K and hope to inspire more people to return. If not, I have a fun art project to keep myself busy for a few days.

Dress Up Barbie With Guns

There was no post yesterday because I started playing FF X-2 again. There is no excuse for this. I first started playing several years ago because I’m an insane Final Fantasy X fan. When I played FF X-2 it was because it wrapped up loose ends, let me visit the world again, and – essentially, as my friend Spring put it – play a guilt-free “dress up Barbie” game.

Playing it you realize: no wonder it didn’t take off as well with American Boys, but seemingly it has high popularity with female gamers. There are so many outfits! It’s so pretty! Plus the girls are (kinda) smart and empowered! This is so a girly game, but as mentioned in my previous post (is this turning into sexism week?), I have a bit of an issue with sexy fashion being the draw for excitement. Still, I can’t help but be addicted to the game due to my undying love for the world and the way the game is designed.

It’s the damn percentage system that I both love and hate. You have to do very specific things in order to get 100% to achieve the “perfect ending”. For OCD completionists like myself (the person who attempted to defeat every super-monster and get every ultimate weapon in FFX), this was a nightmare. If you don’t go into a certain cave in Chapter 4 or speak to a midget in Chapter 2, etc. this game will screw you over by .5%. Finally, Spring decided to assuage my frustration and buy me the damn game book (eternal gratitude). So now I have the ability to achieve the 100%. While it does not fill the void in my soul, it distracts me from the emptiness.

The game stars Rikku and Yuna from FFX plus a lesbian named Paine!

Totally not about hot bitches:

Wordly Advice

I hate finding new comics to catch up on. This here’s from The Joy of Tech:

(Or you can check out their blog.)

Sorry for the sparse posts this week. I just got home from Mom’s and essentially a weekend of shopping. Ahh consumption: the American cure for depression.


It’s amazing when we try to forget something only to find it is so hardwired into our memories that it will never leave. I remembered this morning back in college I had an obsession with the Badger song by weebl. When I stumbled onto the Banana Phone remix, and I am fairly sure this was through Cookie Thievery, I watched it on repeat for days on end. If I was depressed or it was 3a.m. and I had a paper to finish, just watch Banana Phone. After college I tried to forget it and move on, but every once and awhile… ring ring ring ring

For those unfamiliar with the stupefying effects the song can have on you, I turn you over to Lemonizer’s Version which is the remix I had watched incessantly. I can’t embed because to try to would end up putting a repeating flash on my blog. I know I would lose one or two of my few faithful readers. Can’t have that.

Banana Phone was truly an Internet sensation back in it’s heyday. By just Googling the name, I had found hundreds of websites referring back to it. Most have gone defunct (including Lemonizer’s own main site) since the early/mid, uh, “Oughts?” “2000’s?”. They have gone down since last decade. Thankfully we can know what it meant to be a Banana Phone thanks to the serious research at Uncyclopedia (since those bastards at Wiki only give it a tiny portion of their vast library – feh). And there still is a full Banana Phone website dedicated to how, despite the fact that it can make you crazy, it will also make you obsessed. Here you will find most of the resources needed to understand. It has Raffi there smiling at you. (“Hey there, Raffi. I will keep my thoughts about Canada to myself.”) And it has some funny shooped images/remixed YouTube vids.

Via Funny Junk

Other funny references:
I like this weird short movie.
I don’t much care for this one. It’s kind of funny, but NSFW & disturbing.
People walking through a mall with bananas as phones.

And this:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Originally found here:

Alright, I think that’s it. I’ve thoroughly polluted several more minds with this and I feel my job is complete. As noted previously, I feel part of my job is locating gems… truly glorious finds of the Internet and sharing them with you. Okay, maybe this doesn’t count.

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