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Big Brother Wizard of Oz

I’m cat-sitting this weekend. Since I’m at my sister’s I’ve been absorbed by her television. I’ve been trying to do other things that need doing this weekend, but my brain shut off. I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is a lovely Christmas movie. I also caught the end of The Wizard of Oz and now those songs of my childhood will be playing over and over. Damn. At least it isn’t that “Call Me Maybe” song.

I thought with all my laziness today I could give posting a pass and make up for it tomorrow. Then I thought of other times I gave myself a concession to avoid something I need to do. It snowballs until I’ve allowed excuses to quit altogether.

I haven’t plotted anything out for the rest of this month, other than the owls and one or two more Christmas things. I’m sure there are other things in my brain that i haven’t put into writing yet. I haven’t been on tumblr recently so no inspiration there. My main “saves for blog” folders are on my computer at Dad’s (and I’m out of there for the rest of December).

I keep trying to write down this dream I had last night, but it keeps rearranging itself. Suffice to say it was about a young girl of noble birth who’s fighting against a militant-socialist regime. She loses her family in an airship explosion. She ends up going undercover in the regime as an enforcer. It gets a little weirdly Orwellian 1984 here. She works for what could be called the Outer Party and secretly is trying to find the leaders of the Inner Party and start a resistance. She was like an underling to O’Brien (she beats people who are thought to be traitors to the Party). Through this she found her old bodyguard wasn’t killed in the airship crash and has been held for two years for torture and questioning. Mostly torture.

It’s Auron. Of course my brain stuck Auron in there. He’s happy to see she’s alive, but since she is a fighter she doesn’t need his protection. She wants him to fight for the resistance, which he’s willing to do. That group consists of her second in command who looked like Commanderette Zircon from Spaceballs, a nerdy computer hacker, a doctor named Rajeesh (oh god, really?), myself as an engineer (who kind of dressed like Cid from FF7), and several others who were the most paranoid group of people you could meet.

We were all worried about Big Brother and I found out that one woman who had surgery done to her had a metal tracker in her head. I swiped a magnet over it. It shorted out, but the woman had to have surgery again because of the pain it was causing. That made everyone more paranoid since they don’t know who else could have a tracker. I ended up running around rubbing people with a magnet. I’m positive this comes from my paranoia of having VNS (as mentioned before) since if I look like I’m having a seizure someone can swipe a magnet over my head. That idea still freaks me out. Did I take my meds? Yeah. Continuing.

So we get involved in some sort of attack/escape/shopping plan. It keeps overlapping with other dreams here. At one point there’s an explosion and we lose our doctor. But that’s okay because his assistant, Dr. Palmer from NCIS is there. No one trusts him, though. There are some explosions and I get cut off from everyone except for Auron. We have to run through the jungle. My brain decided to take a short cut from this to another dream where I’m in a super mall waiting for my family in a massive line. But I have tickets to get into the mall? What?

I’m tired. I’m going to go back to sleep and hope nothing like that happens again.


Taco Night

I was gaming all day today. During that time I could have updated the blog. There wasn’t much I could do in game being that I was on a horse miles away. Then I was in a car and wouldn’t let people get in. I had to run over some of them to get away. I don’t care if getting into the car was “for their safety”. They should have gotten their rides worked out before the party.

I was told it was going to be taco night. Then my folks said maybe not. Then it was TACO NIGHT.

During the tacos we got to watch Miracle on 34th Street. That is my third favorite Christmas movie. The first two are Muppet Family Christmas and Muppet Christmas Carol. Did I tell you I like Muppets?

I’m super hyper right now because tacos.

I’ll probably have weird dreams tonight. I had one recently where I was fighting terrorists with Steven Seagal. I had some kind of short-range bazooka. I shot the leader and he blew up, but his flaming body fell onto Seagal killing both of them. Or did it? I don’t even like Steven Seagal movies.

Then there was a 30 Rock dream where the NBC building acquired an old, rundown building next to it. Jack Donaghy had a vision that he could physically unite the two buildings and move them with his mind to the point that the new one was destroyed, but so were all the other buildings around NBC. There isn’t a good synonym for “building”. Anyway, in actuality the newly acquired building was used for a college that seemed to have teens from the 50s that liked to play harmless pranks and drink fruity cocktails. All the TJS staff wanted to quit and become students there.

A quote from last night’s dream: “I thought it was a demon, but it was a rooster with a gun next to it.”

Here’s a tumblr blog about tacos: Ask Taco5364.

And a picture of Jack Donaghy who, I don’t doubt, could physically move buildings with his mind:

(And no I haven’t seen the last 2 or 3 episodes, so don’t tell me about your Liz/Jack ship sinking.)

Hey. Look at this mystery link.


I’ve been working out ways to understand my current reality. I don’t have the patience right now for meditation or spiritual guidance. Counselling makes me feel more withdrawn. Plunging straight in seems to backfire. I have decided to turn to my dreams since I am having them more and more these days. Maybe they’re not that helpful. See what I mean:

I’m swimming in a river current being chased by someone who looks like David Bowie. He corners me in a cave that’s also his home and he tells me I must be the Water Queen.

I am the Water Queen. I fall of a cliff that’s 100 stories high and land in a lake. Deep in the lake is a long, yellow sea monster that all the fish fear. It catches me and we fly back up over the cliff. It helps me fight a tyrannical regime.

My friend Neil and I are in a school. We are running around a track that has hurdles. Somehow we are doing fine. It is supposed to be a 10k around the track. I stop to break and end up on a different track. It has no hurdles. There aren’t a lot of people here. I seek out the correct path and find Neil is almost at the finish line. He comes in third.

I’m trying to help someone I believe has been wrongly accused of murder. I am a male detective and keep pursuing the guilt of a bitchy female socialite. Five men were fired by her (and were friends of the guy accused of murder) and will help in any way. Is she really guilty though?

I’m in my sister’s apartment. Daniel Radcliffe has been staying there. I don’t know how long, but he’s in his pajamas and wrapped in a blanket like he lives there. My sister keeps asking where are his toe nails. I’m assuming he cut them and she is trying to clean them up. I am very confused.

The Cher Battle Dream

I have nothing against Cher. I would go on record to say I actually like her. Sometimes I would find myself watching The Sonny & Cher Show when I was young. I think it was that TV Land Channel that exposed me.

Last night I was watching Hulu and enjoying 30 Rock on which there is a transvestite character that sort of reminds me of her. I didn't make the correlation at the time. It's not the episode that mattered. Suffice to say I had a bizarre dream that ended with me in a penthouse dressed in a sheer gown, supposedly belonging to the star, with the intent of assassinating her. I had a sword of some sort, perhaps a katana, and knew if she caught me a battle would ensue. Earlier in the dream she had proven she had great strength and I was afraid. I was woken up by a family member before it concluded.

Then today I was watching on YouTube one of my other favorite shows, The Soup, and saw THUS:

I know it's just a coincidence, but it's a funny one since I never see Cher in any media these days. Fairly certain that the dream was more focused on my anger towards those with lavish, upper class tastes. At some point in the dream the Cher-esque figure tried to take me to some kind of poor house to get me off her back so it was a revenge killing. Down with the bourgeois!

Much love to Joel McHale.

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