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Owl of the Week 4

It’s snowy. It’s holiday season. It’s Owl Wednesday!

There are a few more here: Lovely Owls on tumblr.

I don’t know what these are from. If someone can tell me the origin, the designer, something… that would be great. If these are from a holiday card set, I would totally buy them.


Merry Bizzaro Christmas

And a creepy New Year. My buddy Laura shared with me 9 Disturbing Christmas Ads You Won’t Believe Are Real. Cracked does a good job making it’s own commentary, but I have to say these are my favorite.

This reminds me of Rifftrax’s A Christmas Dream (a girl has a dream about a doll she’s abandoned and he goes on a destructive rampage to convince her to keep playing with him). At the beginning they go into her room and the tree is COVERED in lit candles and sparklers. They note: “This family has spent the last 7 Christmases behind police tape watching their house burn to the ground.”

Cracked says she looks high. I say she looks terrified like he’s holding a spoon to her throat. This advertisement would make *a lot* more sense if those were knives. Also, spoons only belong on trees if they are god-awful creations from Etsy that you put on there as an “ironic” ornament.

BTW, gift idea for any MST3K lover: a Rifftrax gift card. No, I’m not a paid sponsor, unless you count the five dollar discount I earned from ordering so many damn shorts. I used that to get their newest Christmas special, Santa’s Village of Madness. Oh dear lord.

Serious note: I started writing something meaningful, but this Christmas comes after a year of so much heartache. My main Christmas wish is that next year will balance out this one in the positive. No more tragedies or storms or unnecessary loss. I’m not wishing for “peace on earth, good will to men”. Gods know that’s not going to happen. (By the way, yes I celebrate the time of peace and gratitude known as “Christmas” even though I am Pagan.) It would just be nice for humans to take some baby steps towards a better future. Acknowledge global warming? Free health care so more people can get lithium? Something? Okay. I’m done because I apparently can’t physically type on my tiny board tonight. To all my loved ones north & south (and the two or three out west): Have a safe & happy holiday season.

Christmas Song For All

My sister says to say “Chex Mix smells delicious”. It does. We will have Chex Mix and wine at the family gathering tonight. Mom & sister are also dragging me to the first church service I’ve been to in two years. I’m fine as long as I can wear blue jeans.

Anyway, I wanted to share my favorite Christmas song. Uh… seasonal song… if that’s okay with you.

There are too many other things to worry about.

I remember the May 21st hullabaloo. I get really excited about end of the world prophecies. They show how our old culture is still embedded in our nature. When the human mind was young it thought it knew that the gods created the beginning and there will be an end. Eliade writes extensively on The Myth of the Eternal Return. When our mind arrived at the Age of Reason, it found there could be no definitive end. If you believed there was, it was nothing more than a belief and science could only show we had a beginning and the end may be beyond our very existence as a species. Do we ~want~ to see and feel our own mass extinction because death is so unpredictable itself? Or do we want to be proven right that the human species is the reason for creation and ultimate destruction? Or both? Some can accept that we evolved and were not created, but still believe we exist solely to cease to exist. We aren’t destined to evolve further?

I don’t feel like we should accept fate. If there is no tomorrow, live like you don’t care. If we do face some sort of insane destruction, immerse yourself in the experience. There may be some sort of destruction that lay ahead (one of my favorite shows was Mega Disasters which shows how much I love this stuff), but our mind, our collective mind, is here to get shit done. I may not be the one to preach like this, being the shut-in that I am, but I’d prefer to think and learn (and play video games) while I’m here.

This is late night ramblings. I finished watching another Christmas fave Muppet Christmas Carol and am full of feels.

Christmas Wish List Part Two

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love Star Wars. No, I really love Star Wars. There are a number of Star Wars gift guides you can find, but I want you to know what I ~need~ this year.

First is the wall decal. It seems to be more and more popular, because who doesn’t love AT-ATs?

My peeve is that I don’t need a wall decal (my wall is currently inhabited by owls). I’m looking for a messenger bag and while researching Etsy I found a Millennium Falcon bag. It is awesome, but I want one with an AT-AT on it. Is this so difficult? I need someone to merge the two:

A lot of people have seen the artwork of Gareth Payne. I would love a print, but his most recent stuff is kind of meh.

Some of you may know that I also have a weird adoration for hats. There are Etsy creators who knit R2D2 hats. This is obviously something else I need:

As we travel beyond Etsy, we see there are many geek site options. I don’t know how long woot! will have this, but I really like this shirt:

ThinkGeek has a bunch of Star Wars related paraphernalia. I super need a new set of headphones:

I already have this lunchbox, so don’t get it for me.

Maybe you can just make me something. (Mmmm… chocolate Solo)

Christmas Wish List One

I try not to promote the commercialism of this time of year. Yet, the thoughts of having more pieces of junk to clutter my room is stupidly appealing. This month I will present ideas that may help those who are at a loss of what to get me their loved ones.

For this week I’m bringing you the awesome website Japan Trend Shop.

The first thing that drew me there was the Liquid Lamp.

But lamps get weirdly expensive. Almost $500 for this plus shipping? Okay let’s see what else.

Sushi candles. This may not be quite my taste, but I know a lot of my Japanophiles would love these:

Now as you all know I like cameras and I like Legos. Why not effing Lego-Cameras???

(I know they are not technically “Legos”, but “Nanoblocks”. Close enough.)

And one more thing that caught my attention (everything did, but I suggest perusing the site at your own risk) was the set of melty coffee cups called Treasure Mugs. Coffee + pirate reference? Win:

Big Red Suit

What makes me so approachable? I had an experience at CVS today that is making me reconsider putting pants on before I leave the house.

I needed to drop off and then pick up a few prescriptions. I did not want to leave and then come back so I waited the hour they told me it would be. I did a little shopping and looked at cards. When I finished I still had half an hour so I sat in their waiting area.

There was an old woman who had her stuff on the last remaining chair so I requested she move them. She must have been delighted that another human being spoke to her. As soon as I sat down she began talking and despite a handful of awkward silences, about 20 minutes passed in conversation with her. Here is the general gist of the talk (mostly done by her):

  • Her red coat bought at Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Her head cold that she was getting meds for.
  • Her four cats: names & types.
  • The fact that one of her old cats had been maliciously & repeatedly run over by an “El Salvador” person.
  • Her neighborhood doesn’t speak much English: they all speak Spanish or are black. She’s the only one of the “others” that stayed.
  • Her family in Houston.
  • The fact that she doesn’t fly. Why? The terrorists.
  • Fear of people with turbans on their heads.
  • Fear of leaving the house because her husband was killed by getting hit by a car.
  • Me having a child. When I told her I didn’t want one she continued to let me know I would be so happy with one. I could sing to it or read Bible verses to it daily.
  • Merry Christmas. Don’t fly on Jewish Holidays.

It serves me right for going outside. I was wearing striped capri pants; brown argyle socks; large, rubber boots with fur lining; my black pea coat; and a hat that looks like an owl face (thanks to my sister). I thought my insane look would drive people from talking to me, but I was wrong. Well, I hope I made the crazy, lonely, cat lady happy in some way. I also hope someone tells her that when she wears an outfit that is bright red and sparkly she looks like a giant Christmas ornament.

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