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We Interrupt This Broadcast

Unfortunately, a friend of the family died yesterday. It was sudden and unexpected and our hearts reach out to Mr. Thomson’s family (he was very good about talking care of our dog Samson when my Dad left on long trips). So I feel like the post I had scheduled for today (which was kind of death-based) is inappropriate. Trust me. Inappropriate. Tomorrow I’ll either have that or something more cheerful. Today I give a happy/sad. Sad Keanu on The Big Bang Theory:

~Sad Keanu should not sit in Sheldon’s spot.~
(Via Sad Keanu Mega Collection)


I Do Love Physics

I’ve been catching up on The Big Bang Theory. Partly is because it inspires me to go back and get a new degree in science. Partly it is because it’s like having nerdy friends in my computer (I so sad). Partly is because of Sheldon. Why is he so hot and so non-sexual? Or, rather, why is Jim Parsons so hot and so gay? Life is not fair. Then again, even if he was straight, bitches would be all up ons because:

memes - Physics
Via Memebase

Then there was my original science crush. Mom should not have let me watch so much TV after school:

(Sorry so many memebase pics this week. I went on a surfing binge over there and they were covering topics I wanted to cover anyways…)

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