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I decided to give my blog a makeover. This means I have to start posting again. That is the only logical conclusion.


Post-a-day: Two Year Anniversary of the blog.

My blog has been flat-lining for several months. I remember starting it as a pseudo-tumblr (before I discovered tumblr). To honor the blog surviving I’m going to post each day this month. I’ve tried to do this exercise before. Will this time be different? 1) I have made a list of possibilities and creative ideas that have been trying to break out of my head for years. 2) I’m aware the blog has been stagnant so at this point I might as well post whatever crap I want (like weird shit I’m into). 3) For the days I don’t have energy to follow my directions I will post a paragraph… a sentence… a picture that shows I’m still alive.

End transmission.

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