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There are too many other things to worry about.

I remember the May 21st hullabaloo. I get really excited about end of the world prophecies. They show how our old culture is still embedded in our nature. When the human mind was young it thought it knew that the gods created the beginning and there will be an end. Eliade writes extensively on The Myth of the Eternal Return. When our mind arrived at the Age of Reason, it found there could be no definitive end. If you believed there was, it was nothing more than a belief and science could only show we had a beginning and the end may be beyond our very existence as a species. Do we ~want~ to see and feel our own mass extinction because death is so unpredictable itself? Or do we want to be proven right that the human species is the reason for creation and ultimate destruction? Or both? Some can accept that we evolved and were not created, but still believe we exist solely to cease to exist. We aren’t destined to evolve further?

I don’t feel like we should accept fate. If there is no tomorrow, live like you don’t care. If we do face some sort of insane destruction, immerse yourself in the experience. There may be some sort of destruction that lay ahead (one of my favorite shows was Mega Disasters which shows how much I love this stuff), but our mind, our collective mind, is here to get shit done. I may not be the one to preach like this, being the shut-in that I am, but I’d prefer to think and learn (and play video games) while I’m here.

This is late night ramblings. I finished watching another Christmas fave Muppet Christmas Carol and am full of feels.


Christmas Wish List Part Two

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love Star Wars. No, I really love Star Wars. There are a number of Star Wars gift guides you can find, but I want you to know what I ~need~ this year.

First is the wall decal. It seems to be more and more popular, because who doesn’t love AT-ATs?

My peeve is that I don’t need a wall decal (my wall is currently inhabited by owls). I’m looking for a messenger bag and while researching Etsy I found a Millennium Falcon bag. It is awesome, but I want one with an AT-AT on it. Is this so difficult? I need someone to merge the two:

A lot of people have seen the artwork of Gareth Payne. I would love a print, but his most recent stuff is kind of meh.

Some of you may know that I also have a weird adoration for hats. There are Etsy creators who knit R2D2 hats. This is obviously something else I need:

As we travel beyond Etsy, we see there are many geek site options. I don’t know how long woot! will have this, but I really like this shirt:

ThinkGeek has a bunch of Star Wars related paraphernalia. I super need a new set of headphones:

I already have this lunchbox, so don’t get it for me.

Maybe you can just make me something. (Mmmm… chocolate Solo)

What is this day?

I had an animated discussion with my psychiatrist. I see him once a month and every other month it seems he is interested in what I have to say. This was one of those months and I got overly eager to talk to him. Something about living in my sister’s shadow and drinking problems. I don’t remember what I was saying exactly. I always feel that way about my sessions. I talk. I feel better. Then I have no recollection of what just transpired.

The rest of my day: video games and a nap. I also ate beans & rice with some sour cream in it. I think the sour cream may have been bad. My stomach feels weird.

Since I am feeling ill and depressed today, you can share this with me:


For anyone who doesn’t know what an “OTP” is, the urban dictionary definition is:
“One True Pairing. Meaning your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.”

Loosely defined it means two people you could romantically stick together despite gender or fandom origin. (This is also referred to as “shipping”.) The reason I’m writing these definitions is because I will most likely be using it more than once in my post-a-day month. Deal with it.

As my favorite (uncontested) show of all time is MST3K I want to confirm that Frank and Forrester were my original OTPs (well, maybe after Bulk & Skull, but I’ll get to that later in the month). When the show changed and we had a new cast of Mads, I tried to put Pearl & Observer together. It wasn’t quite the same. Frank and Dr. F. had a special bond that can only come from two single guys living together with an obvious dom/sub relationship.

Pearl & Observer have weird a love/hate relationship. Dr. Bobo will not be included in this assessment because I’m not a furry. Observer meanwhile “is completely and utterly… without a body.” Observer/Brain Guy was supposed to be sexually ambiguous, but there were moments when he was not… like the time he dressed like a stripper or when he grew hockey hair and rejoiced that he felt like Guy Lafleur. Still, I had moments where I thought there was a twist of tension:

And then maybe not:

You can judge Dr. F. & T.V.’s Frank with one of the nerdiest host segments I’ve ever seen:

Special thanks to tumblr – check out Texts From the SOL.
Deviant Art for your nightmare inducing nightmares, proving once again you can bronify anything.
DON3K’s PTQ for hilariously still existing after 12 years.
And the psycho who posted this on tumblr:

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen: The first movie you saw

The first movie I saw in an actual theater was The Little Mermaid. I’m almost positive. I remember stumbling into the light afterwards and feeling a little excited and disoriented from seeing a cartoon on such a large screen. (Checked the date: this movie came out in 1989 so I was old enough to not be a pain in the ass at a theater.)

Favorite character: Scuttle

I don’t know what Disney movie I saw before that. My family had video tapes of some of the oldies: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. My mom and sister remember when I spent an entire summer watching Cinderella on repeat. These days I can’t care less about that movie, but I drove my family insane. I loved “The Work Song” sung by the mice as they are making her dress and I wanted it played over and over.

I also really liked Lucifer the Cat:

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen: Your favorite kiss

I’m not a huge fan of the kissing moments because there’s too much build up to one smooch. Your fears of intimacy dissolve and you embrace your one true love in a tender moment that has to be… perfect. F**king perfect. The Disney kiss scenes are a little too much, but I guess I would go with Tangled. Flynn isn’t a prince (as I’ve noted my preference for rogues before) and Rapunzel is innocent yet willful. The first kiss is passionate because (spoiler) her love for him overcame death. It’s like a backwards, more heart-wrenching Snow White moment.

And the second kiss is also quite charming because she feels joy and freedom and Flynn was a big part of that.

And I might have chosen this for my favorite love song had I remembered it:

(*sniff* The lanterns were for YOU, Rapunzel. They were for you.)

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen: Your least favorite song

“I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio. Easily one of my least favorite characters to begin with, this song grates on my ears and fuels my hatred for him.

On top of that, he’s ogling female puppets from across the world. He’s supposed to be a stupid child. Why is he staring up the french ladies’ skirts?

Stay down! Jiminy is right! You suck!

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