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Owl of the Week 6

A friend asked me to post more owl art. I’m sorry I’ve been falling down on the job. Oh sh*t. Was that another apology?

For your viewing pleasure:

Source: Gustoff Marshfield. Or this is some German tribute to him? Maybe I should rename my blog “Owls on Skulls”.


Owl of the Week 5

Might as well keep the owl posts going. Those are easy and make me happy.

Via artist Oksana Badrak. Found through Just Art.


“Moments of kindness and reconciliation are worth having, even if the parting has to come sooner or later.”
-Alice Munro

We’ve lost another soul in our circle of friends and family. I will be glad when 2012 is over and done with.

Here’re some pictures of candles because I feel like it:

candles in the night

(And if you want to be *really* depressed, search “death” under tumblr tags. Those who are scared and lonely inhabit tumblr.)

Owl of the Week 4

It’s snowy. It’s holiday season. It’s Owl Wednesday!

There are a few more here: Lovely Owls on tumblr.

I don’t know what these are from. If someone can tell me the origin, the designer, something… that would be great. If these are from a holiday card set, I would totally buy them.

It’s a post

Not feelin’ it today. Tired. Extremely hot. Been staring at a DS screen too long. Desperately missing Atlanta & friends.


Owl of the Week 3

Oops. Almost forgot. I was busy watching White Christmas. Here’s an owl that is decidedly not Christmas:

This is by artist Hydro 74.

This is one of my favorite owl illustrations. It has so many things I love. Owl. Skull. Creepy all-seeing eyeball.


I don’t really feel like posting today, but here’s a post per my [self] promise. I’ve been feeling like a 12-year-old lately. I feel superior because I have a Star Wars lunchbox. I’ve been naming my aeons in FFX after characters in My Little Ponies. I should be catching up on my anthro book so I can read Origins next, but instead I’m catching up on missed YouTube videos and tumblr.

This is my sister’s cat:

Here’s something I reblogged today:

Stick around, I promise real content again at some point.

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