Back to Reality

I’m going to be heading out to CT tomorrow so today I need to get my act together. I have to clean my sister’s apartment. Okay I don’t *have* to, but she appreciates me not leaving her place an utter craphole after staying over. Hey! I didn’t let your cat die, so that should be enough. Right?

What’s on my to-do list?
-Re-pack the suitcase.
-Vacuum the suitcase because the cat thought it was hers for three days.
-Do the dishes.
-Prevent making new dirty dishes by ordering junk food. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that one.)
-Track down clean sheets to prevent further allergy problems. *Turns around to see cat curled up in the middle of the unmade bed.*
-Pack up mom’s good camera. She “accidentally” leaves things at Kate’s that she thinks one of us needs.
-Break down crying after another failed attempt to fix my headphones.
-Try to find something in Kate’s apartment that she’s forgotten about so I can give that to her as a last minute gift. (I may or may not have done zero Xmas shopping.)
-Feed and pick up after the cat.
-Resist throwing the cat in the tub.
-And try not to finish off the Maker’s Mark.

I finally meandered over to tumblr again (these days my dash is filled with Dr. Who and The Hobbit, neither of which I’ve seen and don’t want to reblog) and found this:

By artist Derick James.

I don’t normally wear sweatshirts, but this would be an exception.


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