I’m not even here anymore

I had to wake up super early to see my neurologist. If I didn’t go then I would not be able to get meds. I hate insurance. I’ve been dancing around to different doctors and different tests and I still have *requirements* on top of that. I had another appointment later in the day just so I could hand a piece of paper to my main practitioner because the insurance wouldn’t recognize a procedure request directly from a neurologist. What? And the procedure? Another EEG.

I talked to my neurologist about all my medication issues and sending info to a second opinion doctor. We discussed the possibility of VNS, or Vagus Nerve Stimulation. Basically it would be a pacemaker for the brain. It’ll be a last resort, but I’m running out of options.

Much of my day has been waiting in… places. I had breakfast at a diner which then turned against me. I haven’t really eaten lunch. To top it all off I told dad about an anthropology book that I’m reading that discusses the possibilities of Jesus being more militant than portrayed. He proceeded to go into a rant about this author not understanding exegesis and incorrectly interpreting historical context. It was fun to see him go on the defensive for once. Our religious conversations usually have me trying to argue a point to a brick wall. (Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays, dammit.)

Here are some images that reflect my frustrations with modern Christianity:


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