Christmas Wish List Part Two

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love Star Wars. No, I really love Star Wars. There are a number of Star Wars gift guides you can find, but I want you to know what I ~need~ this year.

First is the wall decal. It seems to be more and more popular, because who doesn’t love AT-ATs?

My peeve is that I don’t need a wall decal (my wall is currently inhabited by owls). I’m looking for a messenger bag and while researching Etsy I found a Millennium Falcon bag. It is awesome, but I want one with an AT-AT on it. Is this so difficult? I need someone to merge the two:

A lot of people have seen the artwork of Gareth Payne. I would love a print, but his most recent stuff is kind of meh.

Some of you may know that I also have a weird adoration for hats. There are Etsy creators who knit R2D2 hats. This is obviously something else I need:

As we travel beyond Etsy, we see there are many geek site options. I don’t know how long woot! will have this, but I really like this shirt:

ThinkGeek has a bunch of Star Wars related paraphernalia. I super need a new set of headphones:

I already have this lunchbox, so don’t get it for me.

Maybe you can just make me something. (Mmmm… chocolate Solo)


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  1. Woot will have that shirt indefinitely. They recently decided to offer all their past shirts for sale again. There’s a button you click on, think it says “all the designs”. So, even if that shirt falls out the top 20, you can still buy it, just at a higher price and longer ship time.

    I would love to get all the star wars themed shirts! I only have 2 right now.

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