Taco Night

I was gaming all day today. During that time I could have updated the blog. There wasn’t much I could do in game being that I was on a horse miles away. Then I was in a car and wouldn’t let people get in. I had to run over some of them to get away. I don’t care if getting into the car was “for their safety”. They should have gotten their rides worked out before the party.

I was told it was going to be taco night. Then my folks said maybe not. Then it was TACO NIGHT.

During the tacos we got to watch Miracle on 34th Street. That is my third favorite Christmas movie. The first two are Muppet Family Christmas and Muppet Christmas Carol. Did I tell you I like Muppets?

I’m super hyper right now because tacos.

I’ll probably have weird dreams tonight. I had one recently where I was fighting terrorists with Steven Seagal. I had some kind of short-range bazooka. I shot the leader and he blew up, but his flaming body fell onto Seagal killing both of them. Or did it? I don’t even like Steven Seagal movies.

Then there was a 30 Rock dream where the NBC building acquired an old, rundown building next to it. Jack Donaghy had a vision that he could physically unite the two buildings and move them with his mind to the point that the new one was destroyed, but so were all the other buildings around NBC. There isn’t a good synonym for “building”. Anyway, in actuality the newly acquired building was used for a college that seemed to have teens from the 50s that liked to play harmless pranks and drink fruity cocktails. All the TJS staff wanted to quit and become students there.

A quote from last night’s dream: “I thought it was a demon, but it was a rooster with a gun next to it.”

Here’s a tumblr blog about tacos: Ask Taco5364.

And a picture of Jack Donaghy who, I don’t doubt, could physically move buildings with his mind:

(And no I haven’t seen the last 2 or 3 episodes, so don’t tell me about your Liz/Jack ship sinking.)

Hey. Look at this mystery link.


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