Heathen Sundays

Sunday afternoons have always been awkward. Dad preaches in the morning to the churches I don’t attend. Then he comes home tired and irritated (his current congregations could use attitude adjustments). I stay out of sight. My mornings have meanwhile been filled with tumblr and YouTube and… sleeping. These last few weeks and hopefully in weeks to come have offered an opportunity to reduce my presence on Sunday afternoons.

I connect through Google Hangout (I still have faith in G+!), get propped up on an iPad, and play the captain in a Firefly adventure. Albeit the original idea of me being “captain” was so I could be the Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, but my purpose has evolved so now I really should be there every week.

I know I’m not supposed to be a pirate. I based the character on a sort of cross between Han Solo and Mal, but I’ve turned slowly into a paranoid lunatic who wants super control. I accidentally made a death threat. That’s a bit pirate-ish. I’m paranoid because I have one leg and an eyepatch. Yeah. I couldn’t figure out a good role model for a female space captain (Janeway’s a little strict), so I ended up browsing pirates.

As a fan of Captain Calico Jack, I decided I could be one of his girls: Anne Bonny and Mary Reid were some of the baddest female pirates. Unfortunately, most images of them are kind of shirtless or comfy with each other. It’s been apparently a common theme since… forever for a strong, empowered female (comics, movies, historical figures) to be sexualized in imagery. Is it a way to downgrade their fearsome factor?

I can say a ton of shit on this topic and will probably get back to later. Right now, I’m late.

In the meantime I found an image that sort of goes with my picture of Captain Anne (yeah, I named her after Anne Bonny). Once again we have a sexy lady, but it’s Geena Davis and that makes it better. From one of the worst pirate movies ever made (Cutthroat Island):


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