Monthly Archives: November 2012


I’ve been working out ways to understand my current reality. I don’t have the patience right now for meditation or spiritual guidance. Counselling makes me feel more withdrawn. Plunging straight in seems to backfire. I have decided to turn to my dreams since I am having them more and more these days. Maybe they’re not that helpful. See what I mean:

I’m swimming in a river current being chased by someone who looks like David Bowie. He corners me in a cave that’s also his home and he tells me I must be the Water Queen.

I am the Water Queen. I fall of a cliff that’s 100 stories high and land in a lake. Deep in the lake is a long, yellow sea monster that all the fish fear. It catches me and we fly back up over the cliff. It helps me fight a tyrannical regime.

My friend Neil and I are in a school. We are running around a track that has hurdles. Somehow we are doing fine. It is supposed to be a 10k around the track. I stop to break and end up on a different track. It has no hurdles. There aren’t a lot of people here. I seek out the correct path and find Neil is almost at the finish line. He comes in third.

I’m trying to help someone I believe has been wrongly accused of murder. I am a male detective and keep pursuing the guilt of a bitchy female socialite. Five men were fired by her (and were friends of the guy accused of murder) and will help in any way. Is she really guilty though?

I’m in my sister’s apartment. Daniel Radcliffe has been staying there. I don’t know how long, but he’s in his pajamas and wrapped in a blanket like he lives there. My sister keeps asking where are his toe nails. I’m assuming he cut them and she is trying to clean them up. I am very confused.

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