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Maybe I Should Have Been A Painter

Bob Ross just makes me so happy.

Or if you want something more hilarious, but terrifying:

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen: The first movie you saw

The first movie I saw in an actual theater was The Little Mermaid. I’m almost positive. I remember stumbling into the light afterwards and feeling a little excited and disoriented from seeing a cartoon on such a large screen. (Checked the date: this movie came out in 1989 so I was old enough to not be a pain in the ass at a theater.)

Favorite character: Scuttle

I don’t know what Disney movie I saw before that. My family had video tapes of some of the oldies: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. My mom and sister remember when I spent an entire summer watching Cinderella on repeat. These days I can’t care less about that movie, but I drove my family insane. I loved “The Work Song” sung by the mice as they are making her dress and I wanted it played over and over.

I also really liked Lucifer the Cat:

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen: Your favorite kiss

I’m not a huge fan of the kissing moments because there’s too much build up to one smooch. Your fears of intimacy dissolve and you embrace your one true love in a tender moment that has to be… perfect. F**king perfect. The Disney kiss scenes are a little too much, but I guess I would go with Tangled. Flynn isn’t a prince (as I’ve noted my preference for rogues before) and Rapunzel is innocent yet willful. The first kiss is passionate because (spoiler) her love for him overcame death. It’s like a backwards, more heart-wrenching Snow White moment.

And the second kiss is also quite charming because she feels joy and freedom and Flynn was a big part of that.

And I might have chosen this for my favorite love song had I remembered it:

(*sniff* The lanterns were for YOU, Rapunzel. They were for you.)

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen: Your least favorite song

“I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio. Easily one of my least favorite characters to begin with, this song grates on my ears and fuels my hatred for him.

On top of that, he’s ogling female puppets from across the world. He’s supposed to be a stupid child. Why is he staring up the french ladies’ skirts?

Stay down! Jiminy is right! You suck!

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Your favorite villain song

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” as sung by the talented Pat Carroll. She has a rich voice and the character was convincingly evil. Years later I also see it as a statement on body issues. You have this large woman, who seems to prefer being large, urging impressionable youth that image was all that mattered in relationships. The message was beauty before personality (not like Ariel had much of one to begin with).

(This was embeddable, but the better version was not.)

In true villain fashion she wasn’t looking to keep a fair trade or make someone happy: she knew it was a path to ultimate power. She used appearance to be the deceiver and dropped the attractive countenance once she got what she wanted. It’s on the inside that counts:

There’s also a bit of a gender fight going on:

And in keeping with the female/evil depictions, I feel I need to add this:

(“Evil Flush” by Ponsho)

This question was tough since are some great songs to choose from. Several years ago I made a CD called “Evil in the Ear of the Beholder” and distributed it amongst my friends. (This may or may not have been illegal.) It included many Disney songs, but a handful of songs from so-called kids’ movies (like Anastasia and Fern Gully). If anyone is interested in the playlist let me know.

Entering A New Decade

I turned the big 3-0 yesterday. I promised myself that I wouldn’t feel depressed about it. Unfortunately I consider my life to be less accomplished than I wanted it to be. I’ve been in a “quarter-life crisis” for a few years and was hoping that by now my destination would be clearer.

When you hit a milestone it feels like New Year’s Day. You look back on your deeds from the past 10 years and try to figure out what made you proud and what keeps you going. I have been so afraid of judgement, but now I have to face judging myself. How much time have I wasted?

It is very easy for me to disappear into another world instead of dealing with this one. Hopefully in the next year (not the next five or the next ten) I can put things into motion so that this decade will be my best. I may need help. I may need a push or two. If it appears that I’ve dug my heels into the sand I need someone to tell me it’s pointless to fight responsibility.

This is a more depressing post than I had hoped it to be. I am going to start posting those fun Disney things again (I swear). To fulfill this promise I am off to write some drafts.

I’m happy that I was actually able to celebrate my birthday with people who aren’t family (but feel like they are). I can be reached through a video camera and found Google Hangout to be a successful outlet. Technology is a wonderful thing. Here’s a picture of how we partied:

(TheRob took this and I hope no one minds me uploading it here.)

As a side note: my posts are now being done in my real name since I’m also posting for the SOS blog. They aren’t huge pieces, but I am now an “accomplished blog writer.” At least until my internship ends.

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Eleven

Day Eleven: Your favorite love song

“Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon. Oh wait. Wrong answer. I’m going to have to give this one to Aladdin. “A Whole New World” was amazing to watch in the theater and matches up with my theme of escapism. Get out! See the world! (Or you could be like me and experience reality through tumblr. It’s totally the same.)

As flawed as he was, Aladdin wanted the girl to love him by making her happy (while ignoring advice to be himself). She’s already a princess, so how do you do that? Tell her that she’ll have free will. I’m still never sure what the message is in Aladdin.

And a little something James Cameron stole:

(Tale As Old As Time definitely comes a close second.)

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