30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Nine

Day Nine: Your favorite original character

Goofy is without a doubt the best of the original characters. He’s always relaxed, usually jovial, and he can laugh at himself even in his clumsiest moments. Mickey and Donald have both seemed more aggressive and self-conscious. The female versions of Mickey and Donald were either damsels in distress or harpies (go to hell Daisy).

Since Goof Troop was on during high school for me, I enjoyed it. He’s depicted as an honest and caring parent, but his teenage son is embarrassed by him so the conflict is often learning how to accept people for their faults. It’s also coupled with children growing up in a single parent household.

On a lighter note, my admiration for Goofy was sealed with the Kingdom Hearts video game series. It was bizarre that he ended up the brains of the game. The main character was just a kid who wanted to do right, but rushed into things without thinking. And Donald was Donald. Goofy was the protector and the one with the highest Wisdom score:



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  1. A Goofy Movie was hysterical.

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