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I’m in the process of a life “adjustment”. I’m still anxious, I’m still unemployed, I’m still stuck at home with parents. BUT, I am getting out to the city. I am battling my anxiety so I can spend a few days with my sister (who is currently a ball of angst). Through a dab of nepotism I have procured an Internship at the museum. She’s leaving the department and they needed someone to help with revamping coursework. Revamping what? The Geology Masters programs*. I am so close that I can smell the textbooks. Literally, I had to help mail a bunch out and some of them are still on my desk. Sniiiffff Yeah.

Before the nepotism is decried, this is an unpaid Internship. I kept getting asked “what I was expecting to get out of this” and there are a dozen answers, which are hard to put into words. I need experience. I mean I need REAL experience. I spent 4&1/2 years sitting at a desk working with one program on out-dated computers. Not to mention the focus was to hear complaints and work with people like this:

My current office has snazzy new Macs (I’m a quick-learner and want them to see I can learn the bizarre ins-and-outs of software I’m unfamiliar with). I’m working with HTML updates, Word & Excel, as well as getting to help map the Hall of Planet Earth so the Geo-Science majors know where they are going.

I was extremely exhausted the last two days which is why my “Disney Challenge” has been a little spastic. I want to finish it, but flooding my FB and G+ accounts with only those updates seems a little ass-a-holic. I’m taking today off because I’m posting a life-update. I feel things are going better. Part of it is the new anxiety meds (I changed from Prozac 3 months ago). My counselling sessions have never been better. My counselor wants me to focus on silence and meditation since most of my anxiety comes from quick freak outs like I’m going to get lost or say the wrong thing that I’ll regret for several weeks. With my therapy I am improving.

Now if only I could get my brain problems in order. My sister has been watching me closely out of fear of my seizing on the subway. That would be interesting. I’ve had seizures on public transportation before, but nothing like the NYC systems.

I guess the next thing is to connect with people who are not my sister’s friends. I am a minimalist fangirl and like the same things they do, but not love with all my loins the same things they do. I just saw The Avengers with my sister and realized how deep the obsessiveness goes. I liked the movie, but I have to say, as per usual, the villain stood out. I don’t want to join “Loki’s Army” (as I mentioned in the last post), but I can appreciate a hot Brit with a beautiful smile.

*For those who don’t know, I had plans on getting a Masters in science, but it has been hard going since I don’t have a sufficient background in science. Being involved in the education program gives me an opportunity to join a class or two for future applications.


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Seeking the strange creatures of the Internet while staving off the boredom of being unemployed and far from old friends. Follow the blog if you need something with which to pass the time away.

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  1. Loki was the only thing I liked about the movie Thor.

    • I still have to see Thor. I skipped all of the intro movies (save for the first Iron Man) and went straight to the Avengers. Living without money kind of sucks. But my sister has a big screen and all the films. Maybe I can play catch-up.

      Like with you, dude! Glad you stopped by the blog. I’ll get to sending you an e-mail. But I sleep now.

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