30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Five

Day Five: Your favorite hero

I am torn on this one. I feel I *should* say Aladdin since it was another of those “I grew up with” movies and I also watched the animated series regularly. Unfortunately, the movie paints him as a compulsive liar and despite the “diamond in the rough” description, his motives seemed questionable. He really wants the girl and wants money, ergo he is driven by lust and greed to do stupid things. I’m not saying heroes should be without fault, but Disney seems to have a difficult time in getting a good man right:

I think Robin Hood wins out over Aladdin. Yes, he’s another thief. Maybe that’s my thing about Disney: I don’t like the rich guys. Robin and Aladdin have a lot in common, except Robin Hood was much more generous and while he yearned for the hand of Maid Marian (someone higher than his socio-economical status), his motives were driven by socialism. Mmmm… tasty socialism:

And I think he kind of brought the furry out in all of us.


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