30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Two

I swear I was going to post yesterday, but I’m in NYC and was dragged about the place. Yes. Very good. I am trying to intern at ANMH, although all that dragging yesterday made me kaputzky this morning. My daily attempt is still on.

Day two: Your favorite princess

This question sort of bugs me. I know there are a lot of heroines, but the handful of female royals are connected to some slightly archaic ideas of women. Pretty much all of the princesses come from fairy tales written before women’s lib and some of the films are likewise reflective of their era. So bottom line, I don’t like princesses. If I had to choose one, I’d pick Belle. She was a book nerd and the movie Beauty and the Beast came out when I was growing up so she was the most sympathetic princess to me.

However this is pretty much how I see the princesses:
Real Housewives of Disney
(The other vid link I had has been taken down.)

Also, I think she was prettiest:

Bonus Beast gif:


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