30 Day Disney Challenge: Day One

I’m cross-posting from my tumblr blog since I have two separate audiences. Generally I reserve quick pics now to tumblr, but I really want to write more. In order to feel like I’m “blogging” again, I’m taking on the Disney Challenge. Maybe you’ll see me getting in touch with my inner child. Or outer child. I haven’t really grown up.

Day One: Your Favorite Character

This is a very difficult choice. I’ve seen a huge amount of Disney movies and there are a few characters that stand out in my mind, but I think tops on the list is Merlin. Genie and Krunk are also on that list (as well as a handful of villains but there’s a “favorite villain” question later), but neither have real wisdom or independence. When I saw The Sword in the Stone as a kid I thought Merlin was amazing. His role was as a tutor, but his teaching style was very unorthodox. He was about experiencing the trials of life first hand and understanding that knowledge and wisdom were the most important things. He feels like a character I’d hang out with and beg to be taught by. I might get some flack for this: but I think he’s cooler than Dumbledore.

Not to mention he had an owl named Archimedes.


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