Bottle of Stars

A few months ago I fancied I could create a ball of stars in a watery globe. Since I’m apparently part raven, my eye for home fashion usually involves glittery objects (and skulls). The globe was an inspiration. Also, I had a ton of star confetti that I didn’t know what to do with. (Several years ago I did a “Space-Themed Party” and thought a huge bag of glitter was a good idea.) Logical idea: take bottle, fill with water, add stars. Done. … No. The first experiment was just a huge clump of wet star glitter.

To give you an idea about these stars, think of those little stickers your teacher might have put on good grade papers (when they weren’t using up their “pencils with sunglasses saying ‘cool!'” stickers). I bought a bag of non-sticky silver versions of this: 

I learned the hard way that large pieces of foil don’t tend to float and the properties of water sort of… push things together. (I wanted to check the composition of glitter and found e-How: How is Glitter Made? – which explains that glitter cannot be explained. As I thought.)

How to go about this? I figured there must be an interim chemical. To the Google! I found several sites that told me relatively the same thing. Here’s e-How’s directions which I went with. My prototype was a series of miscalculations. I was also trying to use the large stars. Apparently large pieces of foil were just too damn heavy for my purposes.

Second round: The measurements were correct. I switched to regular glitter. (I don’t buy the stuff; bottles of it just sort of… collect in my arts & crafts bins). The effect was about right. But. I didn’t use any food coloring so it was water, rubbing alcohol, and oil. Canola oil is a rather ugly, uriney sort of yellow. The mix was wholly unappealing.

Third round: I asked Meg if there was any food coloring in the house. She said the bottles she remembers were really old and they must have been thrown out during the last move. I believed her not. This is a house in which NOTHING gets thrown away. Once I was told to cook a steak we had found in the freezer that was two years old. Still edible, but had the texture of mummy flesh. Most of her kitchen appliances are from the 60’s and 70’s. I searched everywhere. Finally I located a box of party and cake supplies over the fridge. It was a treasure trove that contained not one, but two boxes of food coloring. I also found a bag of mini chocolate chips. Bonus!

Red + Blue – the water turned a dark purple hue. I hoped it wouldn’t make my third attempt null by being too dark. I measured carefully and water plus oil plus glitter equaled a night sky in a bottle. Even though it wasn’t what I had started out to do, it made me happy. It does separate every few hours, but that gives me the satisfaction of being able to shake it up like a snow globe. Here is my final project:

Now I still have that damned bag of stars. Any ideas?


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Seeking the strange creatures of the Internet while staving off the boredom of being unemployed and far from old friends. Follow the blog if you need something with which to pass the time away.

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  1. Mmm, mummy flesh. Yay starbottle!

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