I am a Goddamn Moron

I don’t know how this affected my subscribers, but my profuse apologies if all of a sudden you were told 1,125 additional posts magically appeared on my blog. I love my tumblr blog and was hoping to integrate it into this one. Ideally I wanted to put the updates in the sidebar like a widget, but that wasn’t available. Under tools ->import you can add your LJ, tumblr, etc. content. As I set up the transfer I was terrified that the import started moving ~everything~ over. As posts. And there was no stopping it.

There isn’t anything particularly gross or inappropriate on my tumblr. I think it is the most awesome thing and if you want to see all those posts go here: My Safe Word is Fire. I have a fear that since I’m still linked through WP (something I can’t undo?) that whenever I update, not only the new post, but the past posts will start to recollect. Worse comes to worst, I’ll have to export and start a new blog. Sad face. 😦

I revamped the blog a bit because I know when I stagnate I need to reconstruct. The format is basically the same, but I changed the style. Look for upcoming posts that will hopefully look like my old work. I’ve been saving a lot of crap in my bookmarks bar that I’ve wanted to post. Also, my main New Year’s resolution was to read at least 4 books a month. That should be an easy feat, despite being a slow reader. I had read only a handful of books last year and feel my brain is going zombie. With this resolution, I’m going to put a few book reviews up here and there.

For those who are bearing with me/ still subbed/ forgiving, I love you guys.


About Strix Varia

Seeking the strange creatures of the Internet while staving off the boredom of being unemployed and far from old friends. Follow the blog if you need something with which to pass the time away.

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  1. I see you through Google+, and noticed no problems.

    What books are you reading?

    • The first message was mainly for the few who have subscribed through e-mail or WordPress’s feed. I get a weekly update from the blogs I follow, though you can set it up for daily.

      Currently I’m finishing off a very exciting book on Field Geology. I’ve gotten to the “weathering and soil” chapter. It’s neat. I’m also re-reading Jane Eyre.

  2. I subscribe through Google Reader and I saw 1000+ unread.

    • Yeah… yeah. I’ll never hit the “tools” tab again.

      My fears about it re-connecting for every post do not seem to have been realized yet. I posted 2 or 3 things on tumblr and those haven’t transferred.

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