Big Red Suit

What makes me so approachable? I had an experience at CVS today that is making me reconsider putting pants on before I leave the house.

I needed to drop off and then pick up a few prescriptions. I did not want to leave and then come back so I waited the hour they told me it would be. I did a little shopping and looked at cards. When I finished I still had half an hour so I sat in their waiting area.

There was an old woman who had her stuff on the last remaining chair so I requested she move them. She must have been delighted that another human being spoke to her. As soon as I sat down she began talking and despite a handful of awkward silences, about 20 minutes passed in conversation with her. Here is the general gist of the talk (mostly done by her):

  • Her red coat bought at Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Her head cold that she was getting meds for.
  • Her four cats: names & types.
  • The fact that one of her old cats had been maliciously & repeatedly run over by an “El Salvador” person.
  • Her neighborhood doesn’t speak much English: they all speak Spanish or are black. She’s the only one of the “others” that stayed.
  • Her family in Houston.
  • The fact that she doesn’t fly. Why? The terrorists.
  • Fear of people with turbans on their heads.
  • Fear of leaving the house because her husband was killed by getting hit by a car.
  • Me having a child. When I told her I didn’t want one she continued to let me know I would be so happy with one. I could sing to it or read Bible verses to it daily.
  • Merry Christmas. Don’t fly on Jewish Holidays.

It serves me right for going outside. I was wearing striped capri pants; brown argyle socks; large, rubber boots with fur lining; my black pea coat; and a hat that looks like an owl face (thanks to my sister). I thought my insane look would drive people from talking to me, but I was wrong. Well, I hope I made the crazy, lonely, cat lady happy in some way. I also hope someone tells her that when she wears an outfit that is bright red and sparkly she looks like a giant Christmas ornament.


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Seeking the strange creatures of the Internet while staving off the boredom of being unemployed and far from old friends. Follow the blog if you need something with which to pass the time away.

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