I only have a month!

I found my list of New Years’ Resolutions. Actually I called it “Things to figure out in 2011”. I don’t know if I was “figuring out” my life, the universe, or everything. Let’s see how well I did:

1. Learn different types & varieties of wine.
Well… I have tried different types of wine. I learned the difference between different cab savs. Yet, I am still highly ignorant on the different flavors and all the intricacies of wine making. There is just so much to learn! I located this website and this one. Can someone read all these and just send me a summary?
I also find it amusing that the first thing on my list had to do with alcohol. In any case I still like two-buck chuck. (Warning: that link will depict a crazy person.)

2. Read more – fiction & non.
I had just come from a few years of relatively little literary exploration. At the start of this year I had plans to go through all the major works of literature I could get my hands on. I started walking to the library and got things like “1984” and “Animal Farm”. (These totally didn’t make me paranoid about the government.) There was a lull in the summer and now I’m back to getting a bunch of books out, but they are mostly science & non-fic. I need to get around to more relaxing subjects.

3. Study for & take the GREs.
Mom got me books. I’ve gotten through… some? Not taking the GREs has impeded my drive to return to school. Everytime I get up the energy to do something related to school, I remember the TEST. Maybe I should just take the damn thing without studying. If only it didn’t cost almost $200.
To help my studies I found dictionary.com has a word study helper called Word Dynamo.

4. Learn Spanish.

5. Advertise better for the blog, even if not for financial gain.
I’m just fine with the audience I have. It has built up some, but on its own merit.

6. Stop beating self up over feeling stupid.
I don’t even… What? I don’t really feel stupid, just an unproductive, valueless member of society. Psh.

7. Reduce and possibly quit smoking.
Done. Free of cigarettes for 9 months. But man, we sure had some good times.

Time to figure out what I can do in 31 days. Ha. Just kidding. New Years is an arbitrary holiday made up so we could remember to start losing weight after plugging our face holes with holiday fare.


About Strix Varia

Seeking the strange creatures of the Internet while staving off the boredom of being unemployed and far from old friends. Follow the blog if you need something with which to pass the time away.

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  1. The quitting smoking thing is awesome! Great job!

  2. 1 … good. carry on.
    2 … read even more
    3 … are there no free GRE practice tests?
    4 … i studied under George Scullin “por que no beero for meo?”
    5 … Never sell your soul to the ad man.
    6 … We’re all outwardly unproductive in the chrysalis state. Metamorphosis is SUCH hard and
    lonely work! sigh.

    and then never actually done.
    and also yay, i suppose.

    Om Mani Padme Hum


    • WordPress sent me an e-mail letting me know you are following me. Hilariously it added: “We think they’re from Providence, Rhode Island.”

      As for GRE practice: there are free tests out there, but it’s nice to have a physical body that goes over the basics, gives instruction on how to deal with the system, and has vocab words/math help.

  3. I completely flunked the sample one. I just wasn’t used to thinking that way – not since the SATs, which happened… what, around the Civil War or something?
    Kaplan has a free one and review (over the interwebs). I did well on that one.

    Mostly, I’d just say play vocabulary games (I’m on FreeRice), figure some word and logic problems, and you can find online games to build up the math types they mention as well. Lessee… area and volume, linear algebra, some geometry, percentages, powers, probability… I’m not sure what else.

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