Mmmm… Skull Juice

When I become a shut-in widowed inheritress, I will have a magnificent liquor cabinet to keep me company. I will need items of equally compelling value to fill it. Within the last month I found two items that seem appropriate, but if anybody wants to buy them for me before the poiso- er, accidental death of my future husband, I will present them here for your consideration:

To pour my potables, I feel that this decanter would be fitting for me:

Available at Olive and Cocoa.

And what better to put in it? Dan Aykroyd’s new Crystal Head vodka. (Yes of Ghostbuster’s fame.) In a perfect an beautiful shape (and only at the low cost of $50), it’s all I could ever want:

You can further read about it here at the main site, click on the image for a review, or just let Dan tell you all about it himself:

Now I have a few more goals to reach for. That is, if I don’t die in this hurricane tomorrow. If I do, I ask that you buy some sort of expensive alcohol and drink it out of my skull once my body is burned. This is a totally serious request. Totally.


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Seeking the strange creatures of the Internet while staving off the boredom of being unemployed and far from old friends. Follow the blog if you need something with which to pass the time away.

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  1. Are you sure your not putting POISON in that bottle? Hahah.

    • There actually used to be a liquor called “Poison”, but they took it off the market. I miss it so much. My roommate & I drank it all the time. It would be so apropos, especially since I could tell someone there’s “Poison” in there and they’d think it was a joke. Haha. No. Not this time.

  2. Oh, I’m truly interested to buy the vodka as Christmas gifts ! Where can i buy thus stuff ?

    • For some reason they don’t sell the stuff on their website, but that’s okay because I saw some just hanging out in a Wine & Liquor store near my house the other day! If you Google “Crystal Head vodka” you can buy it online, but I’m pretty sure it’s available at most retailers (but maybe not with the fancy packaging? maybe yes?).

  3. That’s fantastic.

    I currently possess Robert M. Leakey’s skull! Of all the unexpected benefits to working here…

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