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Holy Shit, It’s a Lion

I’m still freaking out on my new meds, so I can’t deal with posting. I should probably talk to my doctor about this. Your post today is a cat video:

Come On, Irene

Well, we lived through the storm. It was a howling mass of madness, but nothing the island couldn’t handle. In some miraculous turn of events, we are one of 5 or 6 houses that still has power as of right now. We are not unscathed, however.

Here’s a link to the pictures I took during and after, but if you are on my Facebook, you’ve seen these already:


I’m not feeling well, so I’m not doing a long post today. I’ve been feeling jittery and crazy all day. It’s either the new medication I’m on (I’ll get to that subject, perhaps, later) or it’s the iced coffee that I’m trying to polish off. I had made 16 cups of strong coffee with cream and sugar in case our power was going to be out for a week and stuck it in the freezer. Regretting that decision.

Storm Update

I don’t know what the situation with Hurricane Irene is going to be. Apparently I am in the direct path of her (or just a little to the right, but that doesn’t make much of a difference). I’m not terribly concerned for my safety since I’m in the middle of the island, it is just a category 1, and we are pretty well stocked on supplies. However, we may be without power for a few days and since that’s an iffy subject, I want to warn my faithful subjects readers that I may be offline for the next several posts.

Into the void I go!

Mmmm… Skull Juice

When I become a shut-in widowed inheritress, I will have a magnificent liquor cabinet to keep me company. I will need items of equally compelling value to fill it. Within the last month I found two items that seem appropriate, but if anybody wants to buy them for me before the poiso- er, accidental death of my future husband, I will present them here for your consideration:

To pour my potables, I feel that this decanter would be fitting for me:

Available at Olive and Cocoa.

And what better to put in it? Dan Aykroyd’s new Crystal Head vodka. (Yes of Ghostbuster’s fame.) In a perfect an beautiful shape (and only at the low cost of $50), it’s all I could ever want:

You can further read about it here at the main site, click on the image for a review, or just let Dan tell you all about it himself:

Now I have a few more goals to reach for. That is, if I don’t die in this hurricane tomorrow. If I do, I ask that you buy some sort of expensive alcohol and drink it out of my skull once my body is burned. This is a totally serious request. Totally.

Pretty Much Everyday

I’ve been cleaning my room today. The dust is incredible. I’ve also been spending this week helping the family with Vacation Bible Study. I know, right? This is all I have for you today:

I’d Hit That: Dr. Franken Stein

The topic I’ve been working on is just not going to get finished. Not while I’m getting distracted by Soul Eater that is. I can’t believe I did not discover this sooner, although I haven’t been into anime since college.

I highly recommend the show if you like action anime. It is a really good dark comedy. It’s kinda cute, but at the same time it balances out with a portion of the drama llama. I like that the monsters are very creative and the show doesn’t rely heavily on blood and gore (although there’s a little of that). And I like most of the characters.

The choice of names is bizarre, though. I wish they had picked something better than “Death the Kid” for the Grim Reaper’s son, but I guess it works. Many of the villains are named things like (spoilers? kinda?) Rasputin and Jack the Ripper, but depicted as, you know, monsters.

Best character though? Dr. Franken Stein. Sounds like he should be one of the villains, right? No. He’s just crazy. Hobbies include: smoking, dissecting people, analyzing souls, mentally f*cking with people, and seeing how far he can go in his rolling desk chair without having to get up. He’s also apparently one of the best fighters on the show. Like that guy… from Naruto… who did that thing. (I don’t know. It’s been forever since I watched that stupid show.) Uhh… So. Here are some pictures:

(Yes. He has a giant screw in his head.)

And a superfluous half naked shot. He apparently gets as much sun as I do.

If I could *be* anyone in the series, it would totally be Blair the Cat-Witch. (Pumpkin Pumpkin!)

Butterfly Funeral

I had a fantastic idea for a post. I’ve been working on it, but now I’m too tired to put it together. I know you are all terribly disappointed in me. The shame I have brou- I don’t care. I have an excuse. Today my dad and I drove up to Monroe for a funeral.

The drive up was fine. We met with the family (I was more “acquainted” than re-acquainted since it has been so long). The service was in the shade during a sunny, breezy afternoon. Perfect weather. The service was good. And at the end they released balloons and butterflies. We said our goodbyes and headed back on the road.

I’m keeping things rather succinct because it’s not quite my story to tell. I had only known the woman when I was 2 and her daughter babysat me. I have gotten to know her daughter a bit more through Facebook, but still… I was the odd man out. Ever been the odd man out at a funeral? Anyway, the butterflies will be quite memorable.

The return trip was longer than the ride up. Other than the collection of traffic, Dad wanted to stop someplace for dinner a little later on. We were grateful that we were on the other side of the traffic, going back up, as they were backed up for about 15-20 miles. Give or take. We stopped at Friendly’s and filled up before heading back. Crash! While we ate there was a 3-car accident in front of the restaurant. So that was fun.

But I’m home now. And very tired. And crabby because things can get a little tense when I’m left alone with my dad for too long. So now I will get some rest and maybe get myself together next week for better posts.

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