Let the Cleansing Begin

I’m writing just a short post today. I slept most of yesterday until this morning and then it was time to go. This morning I got to watch a video of my seizure. Having only eye-witnesses describe it for me before, I can say those descriptions can’t capture the sheer terror of actually seeing one. It’s like watching a possession.

For clarity on the possession metaphor: At the start of the seizure I bolted upright (I have no recollection beyond this point). I began screaming and my head twisted all the way to the left. Then began the regular seizing where I shook uncontrollably. The nurse showing me the vid said the first part indicated there was… another type of seizure going on with the right side of my brain? The general seizure covers both hemispheres, but the way I twisted my head indicates one side was affected first. This was confirmed by some other activity they had been monitoring.

Anyway, I said I’d make this a short post. I’ll have more info on what happened when I visit my doctor in a month. The rest of today was spent trying to scrub the glue out of my hair. If you have electrodes on your scalp they use the most annoying adhesive. When they dissolve it and you can wash it off, it looks like you have really bad dandruff for a week. Good thing I don’t have anything planned until the end of the month. That’s when I go and visit my BITCHES DOWN SOUTH! *ahem*

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  1. I’ll be honest with you. I never thought anything of my seizures until I saw someone else have the same type that I have (mostly complex partials). That scared the hell out of me. I started telling people that they were worse to witness than to experience.

    • I know. I saw my Dad have a seizure (gran mal) and it was bizarre and frightening, especially to go through it with a loved one and realize that that’s also *you*. My father had never seen a seizure and he got to see the video footage of mine so he had the same reaction.

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