Plugged In Again

From Tuesday to Friday morning I will be going through a Three Day Video-Monitored EEG. Once again I dive into the breach of medical experimentation. This will be the most comprehensive procedure so far, though not necessary for all epileptics. The reason they want this is because I’m still getting little “episodes” (petit mals) while on the drugs and the previous EEGs only picked these up as blips. I’ll be taken off my meds to see how worse the episodes get and how they are related to my seizure activity.

During this week I’ll try to keep you posted. This is contingent on whether I have wi-fi. They said I could bring in all my electronics (laptop, DS, DVDs) as they want me to stress my brain out as much as possible. I can call people (need stress? call family!) and have visitors, but it’ll only be three days so I may not get so bored as to call everyone in my phone book.

I may also be doing some video monitoring of my own since I’ve stolen my mom’s handy video camera for a little while. I don’t know if anything interesting will happen, though. I’ll keep this updated with that info. The only things I can imaging letting everyone know about is whether or not I have seizures and how badly I start hallucinating by day 3 when my brain realizes it’s not getting it’s fix of heavy duty neurological medication. Yay brain chemistry! I’ll try not to make any hospital food jokes or show too many images of me as I’ll be covered in wires and wearing my comfy pants.

And if nothing happens, I’ll just post more pictures from tumblr:

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