The Overlord of Eeeevil

I have held in high regard numerous villains throughout my life. One in particular that shaped my young mind was Skeletor. He had the looks, he had the castle, and he had a great sinister laugh, but unfortunately he had incompetent underlings. For the NSPCC I changed my profile picture so my friends could enjoy looking at a truly man’s man, Skeletor. My admiration presses me to dedicate a post on the Internet’s view of him.

I was reminded to do this as I was on vacation when my sister sent me a link to Not Now, Skeletor. This tumblr makes him a part of all our beloved childhood memories:

There was the Skeletor Saves auction charity event (for homeless LGBT youth) that had several provocative images depicted here at HuffPo. This one I had to hunt down on another site:

(Via Obvious Winner)

And I had been meaning to post this as a separate pic, but it seems appropriate to include this here:


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