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Another Late Entry

This week has been a scatter-shot of Internet distractions. I keep finding ideas or objects to post, but then send them over to the new “blog” (laughable to call tumblr a real blog) because they are too small. I don’t know where this situation will end up. Lately I haven’t been feeling the energy for this blog and I feel more anxiety about writing.

Do NOT get me wrong. I love my few followers and I love the fact that they do respond or “like” on Facebook. I’m just right terrible at obtaining new people. If the blog is this small and personal, I may start trimming down my number of posts further. I post 4-5 times a week, but with relatively little “real” content. It makes more sense to divide my world. I can write here and post mindless things on tumblr. I wish I could integrate the two, but WordPress isn’t a great medium for what I really want.

I’ll finish up this week as normal and then I’m taking a two week vacation. I’ll be headed south for a visit to friends (yay!). This will also allow time for my new medication to kick in. That’s right! My visit to the psychiatrist’s was a success in that his evaluation of me = I need drugs.

I didn’t even know what he was giving me until I picked up the filled script. I looked at the generic name. I still didn’t know what the hell it was so I had to look it up. Turns out I’m now on Prozac. Awesome. Prozac has had such a long history so I knew I could come up with a decent image for this post, but searching tumblr I actually found more along the lines of little snippets of people’s lives and thoughts. There were small paragraphs or a few sentences to let the reader know what the story was. People were mocking it or trying to scare everyone away from it or lauding Prozac as their savior. So I have no idea. I just know that I wish the company still gave cookies out with every pack. Delicious:

(Via The Van Gogh-Goghs.)

(Dinner time. Rushed edit. I regret nothing.)


My eye is not happy

I had a better post today about 90’s nostalgia. Instead I spent most of the day learning to gif-if-fy old movies. I suck. But I can learn to do better. The attempt has left me wondering if my eye is going to pop a blood vessel.

Tomorrow I go off early to a psych eval. I wonder if I will be prescribed even more medication. If so I wonder how that will affect my blogging. My other blogging. My facebooking. My tweeting. My Googling? (does that have a name yet?) And how it will affect the fact that currently my main social outlets are all the above.

For now I won’t worry. I’ll just enjoy the rain and the possibility of pizza.

Fish Pirate!

Since yesterday was a heavy post and probably tl;dr for a lot of you, I’m putting up a fun post for the weekend. I saw this yesterday over on Filmdrunk. It’s a new pirate movie, but it looks fresh! and funny! and claymation! I’m super excited so without more ados, here’s the trailer:

They got Hugh Grant for the voice of the pirate captain. That will be refreshing to have a real Brit (sorry Depp) play the lead.
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With the new Harry Potter movie hitting theaters today, I wanted to post a humorous personal experience I’ve had with the series. First I’d like to say that this stems from being a comparative religion major and curiosity brought this upon me. Ergo, I don’t advocate either point of view, although you may be able to tell which side I’m not too fond of.

When Harry Potter first came out there was a lot of confusion from Christian parents about how “good” for their children this series really was. Obviously it encouraged their children to read and have active imaginations, but extremists couldn’t help overlook Potter’s powers. Once the concept sunk in that this was possibly a corrupting occult force, articles and films were distributed to inform the populace that we may just have to burn these books in the street. That’s what you do with books you’re afraid of witchcraft, right?

Okay, I’ll stop with the tired rhetoric. My personal story is that I loved the books and the movies. I ignored the anti-Potter hype because I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. Truth be told, I didn’t know how bad it was until my third year of college when I was immersed in my religion studies and I came upon a movie. The movie was Harry Potter: Witchcraft Re-Packaged. I had (and still kind of do) Pagan leanings at the time and wondered what sort of point this movie could make. It was amazing(ly bad). Harry Potter can be associated with any faith, if you try hard enough. J.K. Rowling, however, wrote with a Christian notion of the power of love. Jeremiah Films set out to disprove that and show Harry Potter used witchcraft as a vehicle to teach moral relativism and the Dark Arts.

I own this film. I have watched it several times. I have watched it with Pagans and Christians alike. I have seen it with several hardcore Harry Potter fans. I have watched it with fellow religion students. (Many of these overlap as you may guess.) But not one of them could find a single point to agree with. What disturbs me is that (judging by the YouTube comments) there are people who took this to heart. Or if they weren’t sure, there are other sources willing to provide answers, such as Christian
“Author Richard Abanes has written a book called Harry Potter and the Bible. He says that the movies and books not only teach anti-Christian lessons on the occult, but also moral relativism, and desensitize children to profanity and off-color humor.”
Also Jeremiah Films is still up and running and although the HP movie is gone from their product page, in its place are several Pagan Invasion movies – including one on Twilight.

Since my father is going to a seminar on a book called The Gospel According to Harry Potter, written by Connie Neal, I did a little research. I wanted to know how the silent majority thought and up popped several recent articles of the same title, not related to this book. I’m sure that every time a new HP book or movie comes out there are similar articles. They are from Christian bloggers and ministers who want to get the word out that they have listened to what J.K. Rowling keeps trying to say:
“In the last book, “The Deathly Hallows,” of which the first two-part movie episode was released last week on DVD, Harry discovers an inscription on his parents’ tombstone: ‘The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.’
“In case you don’t recognize it, it’s from the Bible: 1 Corinthians 15:26.
“In an interview, Rowling said the verse ‘is the theme for the entire series.'”
Randy Patrick of The Winchester Sun

“Only when Harry and his friends learn to trust in that power of love can they defeat evil and transform the wizarding world into a place where — as the Book of Revelation says — there is no more pain or tears.”
Danielle Tumminio of Episcopal News Service

I can’t chose a side for Christianity, but as a student of religion I can say the first argument doesn’t have a lot of solid ground. My personal view is that if someone converts outside of a family’s religion simply because of something they saw on T.V. or read about then there are two issues: 1. the religious structure may not be strong in that child’s life and 2. there may be something else that’s pushing the child to seek love or power someplace else (teens convert or lose faith due to abuse, broken homes, or neglect… just sayin’).

I think the books are well written, but as my friends know I kept going back for

Snape thinks the most corrupting force is fan fiction. Have you talked to your children about slash?

No More Free Time

I finally gave in and started a Tumblr. That’s right, I have the DISEASE now. Part of it is for the sheer amusement, but part of it is for inspiration on this blog. Since I’m going to spend the rest of my day rotting my brain over there I’ll just dump this mindf*ck on you:

Courtesy of Very Demotivational.

If You Buy These Things For Me, I Will Pay You Back In Love

“Seasoning malfunctioning is just like a misery raining day that ruins everything.” – That is an actual tagline from the kedo website. It is from the Introduction of their TeruTeru product. What is it you might ask? A salt & pepper shaker. Or maybe you could get their other seasoning shakers! They come in a… small variety. But they are beautiful:

Everything on the kedo site is fun and imaginative, but replaces common household items, such as a tea mug that has buttons on the side! So cute, but useful. You wrap the string of your tea bag around the button. What? I don’t drink tea, but I know a hundred people who need this. Okay, maybe ten.

Their coffee cup is just as weird. “Has life been a drag? Over busy lifestyle makes us loose interest to anything. And even a cup looks like other million cups it has no interesting point to be brought into you visual field.” This looks strange, I know, yet each piece serves a purpose:

But I think my favorite has to be the ice cream bowls. There have been companies who thought of the bowl/spoon merge, sure. Yet, these spoons are not like any spoon I’ve seen.

(Ice cream not included.)

I tried to find prices or mailing info on this site, I really did. It is impossible. This damn artsy company (which seems confused on what it’s name means – one section says “Keep Experience Design Object” the other says “Keenness Experience Design Originality”) appears based in Taiwan? So any inquiries are directed there. Start saving up your yuáns because I expect all of these by the Winter Solstice.

Go Outside? Nah.

I had some fun videos and pictures from last week’s ordeal, but the tiny camera is giving me guff. I might have broked it. Don’t tell Mom. Now that I’m back to freedom I have immediately returned to my regular regimen of video games. I realized I still haven’t gotten the full 100% on FFX-2! That’s gotta be remedied. So of course I spent 4 &1/2 hours this morning glued to the T.V. waiting to get through the “concert” scene. It get all verklempt!

I need to get away from the video games. They may be part of the reason I’m on a gloomy island of solitude. That and no car. For all those lonely gamers out there, I dedicate this summer post to you:

That gif should be usable in all manner of situations. I can see it popping up as you are ushered out of the building where you are being fired. Mayhaps your ex-wife or ex-husband could use a visual exercise. We’ll work on the medium, but I think this could work.

If only life were as consequence-less as in Hyrule.:

Knowing my luck, though, I’d be the hapless villager on the other end of that.

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