Hot Thighs

I’ve enjoyed doing theme weeks because they help me focus and allow me to write less. In order to show my utter laziness I’m just going to post videos with a musical theme this week. Most of them will be kind of head-trippy, but not too disturbing. This is odd because I was inspired by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This week’s favorite comes from Russia. Someone remixed Russian soldiers doing some sort of dance-off (and perhaps as a method of keeping warm) to a Run DMC song:

Once again this showcases Russian superiority when it comes to physical prowess. Sarah and I also joked that they are probably so damn good because what else was there to do in the U.S.S.R.?


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  1. Sweet Georgia Peach

    And to be fair, how else were they supposed to keep their girlish figures with a diet that involved consuming one’s weight in sour cream every other month or so?

  2. Enjoted the video of the Russians dancing…. oh, and may I add to vodka and sour cream? Pickles! Almost everything is pickled. My best friend is Russian, and I have attended 2 Russian weddings already. We were served a lot of pickled dishes !

  3. Why don’t these guys place better in basketball in the Olympics?
    Also, 2:15 made me think of kiwis.

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