Now He Only Eats Guitars!

Not a long post today as I have much to do in preparation for the Rapture. I hope it’s more like Blondie’s Rapture. Jesus can take the sinners and the rest of us can be eaten by a bar-crazed, punk-rock-loving alien. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being taken by Jesus if only he were like that crazy Queensland hottie who’s claiming to be the new incarnation of said prophet:

Yes, Cult Fever is in the air this year. It isn’t just Camping’s group, but there’s also a video on YouTube going around talking about Prince William? The Lizard? Secret Societies? I’m going to be watched carefully by the Freemasons from now on? Wat?

Anyway, here’s a fun video I found in regards to tomorrow’s hyper-rapture-activity. It’s one of the xtranormal based animations, so if you don’t care for those you don’t need to watch, but it repeats the logical fallacies that makes the rest of us look at the May 21st-ers with great confusion. (I almost wrote “phallacies”. I’m not sure what that means.) Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

(Eats people meat:)



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