Purple Turkey

Last eve I had a series of very strange dreams. Honestly, all my dreams come from parts unknown in my brain, but I had one in particular that reminded me of a story that my mother shared with me a few years ago. This post seems more suitable for Thanksgiving, but under the circumstances, I feel I can post today. It’s about turkeys. More specifically, it’s about the strange things people do to them.

The dream started with helping a hick living in some podunk town get his car out of a muddy driveway. His landlady came out at some point to yell at us. She apparently did that a lot. When we pulled out we only drove a little ways down the road when I started seeing brightly colored specks. The closer we got I noticed they were animals – birds – who were all the colors of the rainbow. I found out they were definitely giant, plump turkeys. Some of them were multicolored. Some were stark white. Some of them looked like peacocks. A few of them had big feathers sticking out of their heads instead of being bald. They were beautiful and staring menacingly at us. For some reason, as I was staring face to face with a purple and gold turkey, my dream ended.

There is a turkey farm in Guilford, CT where my mom went once and then told me about it. I didn’t believe her at first so I looked it up online. This farm has figured out how to color the coats of the turkeys and parades them out for show before Thanksgiving. Presumably this is in a humane way, although they are grown to be on someone’s plate anyway. It’s a good gimmick. Here are some fun pics:

Via About.com

These are far, far less vivid than the ones in my dream. They are more Easter-y and a subtly pleasant color. They look like turkeys you’d want to cuddle with (if one could cuddle with a turkey), not the menacing darkness turkeys of my dream. Ah well, at least this video has shown me that I can give thanks that I wasn’t raised in a family business of raising turkeys:

There wasn’t a post yesterday due to my first therapist visit. I was nervous all day and when it was over I didn’t feel like talking about it. I wonder what he’d say about all this.

Edit 5/14: I think I know where I got the idea of the birds with feathers on their heads. I love chocobos, but these birds were not as cute as those lovable scamps. I think I merged the two together in my head. So for your happiness, here’s a purple chocobo to compare:


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