Why I Miss VCRs And Why The FBI Is Reading My Blog

Today I would like to hail and honor the beloved VCR – a creature our progeny may never know. Since this blog is in part about my ancient history, so I wanted to reminisce a little here. VCRs were a staple in my home growing up, mostly because we didn’t have fancy things like “cable”. We had basic cable so that’s how I was fed all my life lessons, but if we missed a show… VCR. Also, if there was a movie being played on television… VCR. (About 3/4ths of our movies were off the T.V.) The VCR was vital and during some tough times in my life it played a role of friend and comforter. In today’s wild world of technomancy we have a lot to thank for from the VCR.:

There is no intention of beating the walls of our technological structures; we do need faster, smarter mechanisms to power our lust for unadulterated hedonism information. We have DVRs and TiVo that record our shows now, but there’s an alloted storage space and then you have to remind DVRs to keep what shows you want or they’ll delete ones you aren’t using. (It’s like someone going through your closet and getting rid of a sweater because you haven’t worn it since last Christmas.) You can see shows online, streaming directly to your computer or phone (someday directly to your eye, then into your brain!). You might want to get your fee’s worth out of it, though.

Or you can be the pirate similar to those from when VCRs roamed the lands. DVD recorders do exist and operate in a similar capacity to VCRs. Since the phone/Internet/T.V. company convinced us to buy the super-3-way package we might as well use one to record and keep shows, right? (The giant Industries would lose profits off of selling the T.V. series in bulk if we all spent a little bit of money on recorders, though.) There are many who would prefer that or any of the previous options or… can I get a show of hands from those who don’t mind the RIAA watching their every move? There’s an element of paranoia with downloading. Big Brother is Watching.

I have so many fantastic memories of VCRs. Like that time Mom couldn’t get hers fixed because the repairman told her we had managed to run it into the ground within a year when it should have lasted 2-3 years. Or when my VCR of 3 years finally told me it was time to go by playing Mexican radio. Or all those years when, in the pit of utter loneliness, I would watch & re-watch Power Rangers episodes over again because they would except me for who I am. Here’s to you, VCR, king of the original pirates:


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