Dress Up Barbie With Guns

There was no post yesterday because I started playing FF X-2 again. There is no excuse for this. I first started playing several years ago because I’m an insane Final Fantasy X fan. When I played FF X-2 it was because it wrapped up loose ends, let me visit the world again, and – essentially, as my friend Spring put it – play a guilt-free “dress up Barbie” game.

Playing it you realize: no wonder it didn’t take off as well with American Boys, but seemingly it has high popularity with female gamers. There are so many outfits! It’s so pretty! Plus the girls are (kinda) smart and empowered! This is so a girly game, but as mentioned in my previous post (is this turning into sexism week?), I have a bit of an issue with sexy fashion being the draw for excitement. Still, I can’t help but be addicted to the game due to my undying love for the world and the way the game is designed.

It’s the damn percentage system that I both love and hate. You have to do very specific things in order to get 100% to achieve the “perfect ending”. For OCD completionists like myself (the person who attempted to defeat every super-monster and get every ultimate weapon in FFX), this was a nightmare. If you don’t go into a certain cave in Chapter 4 or speak to a midget in Chapter 2, etc. this game will screw you over by .5%. Finally, Spring decided to assuage my frustration and buy me the damn game book (eternal gratitude). So now I have the ability to achieve the 100%. While it does not fill the void in my soul, it distracts me from the emptiness.

The game stars Rikku and Yuna from FFX plus a lesbian named Paine!

Totally not about hot bitches:


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  1. You know the 100% completion ending is, like, on the internet. It requires a bajillion fewer hours of effort to watch it for free than to get it in the game.

    But yeah, I liked the game. Nothing like triple gunslinger-ing somebody.

    • Don’t sass me young man. I’m aware of these “Internet videos”, but I like to earn the 100%. It’s not even the ending I care about, but the all-consuming perfectionism I crave when gaming. This is why I can’t have more than 7 or 8 video games.

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