He is Vigo!

Mom and I caught the SUPERIOR Ghostbusters II on T.V. the other day. Well, we saw the tail end where they have to call on the boys to rescue the city with the Statue of Liberty. Remember how awesome that was? You don’t agree? You can burn. In hell. So says Vigo! (You are like the buzzing of flies to him.)

Unfortunately I can’t get any good YouTube videos of the Vigo scenes, especially the one I wanted of Peter MacNicol’s character. Instead I am reminded of another recent family conversation that will pull today’s post together. I was talking to Dad the other day and tried to remind him of the “happy little trees” guy. He kept saying he could not remember who that was. I was saying over and over that a) Dad had the same hair as Bob Ross back in the 70’s and b) who didn’t know Bob Ross’s lulling, dulcet voice and pleasing artwork? Like magic Ross appeared on channel 13 within the hour. I couldn’t believe it that I had proof of this man’s existence and my father still couldn’t place him. His. Loss. My step-mother who, at first, agreed she had no recollection and then said she had vague memories, was lured in by the show as if the painting called to her somehow.

How do I merge ultimate evil with one of civilizations most Zen human beings? I have the Internet to thank for that. Exhibit A:

(Via Something Awful & their Photoshop Phriday goons.)
Exhibit B (which is one of the best Bob Ross impersonations I’ve seen; usually they are crap):

This got on a weird tangent, but I hope you enjoyed… Bob Ross meets Vigo the Carpathian. (And yes, I do know that Mr. Ross was not always so “Zen”.)


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